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Bryce Mitchell said, “It’s hard to hit him” after suffering a devastating knockout loss to Josh Emmett in the first round.


Several hours after suffering one of the most devastating knockout defeats in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Bryce Mitchell posted his reaction.

The 16-2 featherweight did not even wait until the morning after the fight to send out his response video, which was made up of a narrative that lasted for two minutes. The manner in which Mitchell approached the battle and the difficulty he had in dissecting Josh Emmett was conveyed with sadness. Within the confines of the medical facility, the 29-year-old expressed his gratitude to the fans for their support and praised them for their commitment.

This is what Bryce Mitchell said in the video:

Tonight, I implemented an approach that was not very effective. It is difficult to hit Josh with anything because he is so low to the ground when he throws that overhand right. Josh hits with such force that it is difficult to hit him. What am I supposed to say? However, it is clear that I did not perform up to my potential. I am completely blessed to be able to live the life that I do.

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Mitchell also advised viewers to “be aggressive” in other parts of life, referring to the fact that they felt “timid” throughout the fight.

After spending some time in the hospital following the fight, “Thug Nasty” continued to express his gratitude for his life and work. He said that the experience helped him put his ideas into perspective. As Mitchell put it:

“I am alright. Things could have turned out far worse. During the time that I was in the hospital, I was being rolled by different people who did not have any legs or arms. Because of the automobile accident, his face was tilted to the side, and the faces of some of the other people were all screwed up. Because of this, I have nothing to complain about because I am so content to be here and I am in good health.
Mitchell was defeated via knockout for the first time in his career while also losing two of his most recent three fights. This defeat was Mitchell’s first knockout loss.

Josh Emmett vs. Bryce Mitchell result

When Josh Emmett opened the main card for the pay-per-view event, he delivered one of the most vicious and terrifying punches that has ever been landed in the history of mixed martial arts.

After less than two minutes of their bout, Emmett knocked out Bryce Mitchell in what was essentially the first exchange between the two of them. about immediately, Mitchell was knocked out cold by the single right hand, which also caused the American to spasm on the floor for about a minute and came dangerously close to having a seizure.

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Even while the crowd showed their appreciation for the remarkable conclusion, the majority of them were concerned for Mitchell’s health in the long run when the dust had cleared.

Following a string of two straight defeats at the hands of Yair Rodriguez and Ilia Topuria, Emmett finally achieved his first victory in more than a year with this victory.

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