“Bro hits like a b*tch” and “Straight up sledgehammer” are the reactions of fans to Tom Aspinall’s demonstration of his power on a punching machine.

Fans were taken aback when Tom Aspinall, the interim heavyweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, recently defeated Francis Ngannou, the former heavyweight champion, on a punching machine.

It is widely acknowledged that Ngannou is the most powerful puncher in mixed martial arts. In 2018, the Cameroonian broke the record for the punch that is considered to be the hardest. A total of 941 points was earned by ‘The Predator’ when it was punched on a machine.

View Ngannou’s attempts in the following video (0.41):

Aspinall was seen testing himself on a punching machine in a video that was recently uploaded on X by @ufcontnt. He was able to achieve a score of 942 against Ngannou, which was one point higher than Ngannou’s score.

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There were a lot of fans who were impressed by Aspinall’s punching power, and they expressed their admiration for him in the comments section of the post.

One supporter wrote:

“That’s why Jon’s ducking”
One more supporter wrote:

Not all of the responses were pleasant, as is the norm with social media; for example, one admirer wrote: “Straight up sledgehammer.”

“Bro hits like a b*tch”
See the following for additional responses:

Fan reacts to the post that TNT Sports made on X about the UFC
TNT Sports’ post on X featured reactions from fans to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Aspinall won the interim heavyweight championship by knocking out Sergei Pavlovich in the first round of their fight at UFC 295. Given that 11 of the Brit’s 14 career victories came via knockout or technical knockout, his power is one of his most valuable attributes.

Tom Aspinall comes in support of Muhammad Mokaev

Recently, Tom Aspinall showed his support for his fellow countryman Muhammad Mokaev by retweeting a post that Mokaev had uploaded on Twitter.

Mokaev recently announced his wish to have a grappling contest with Demetrious Johnson, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters in the history of the sport. Johnson is a former flyweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). After ‘The Punisher’ was reportedly subjected to criticism for attacking MMA aristocracy, he published the following online:

”I just want to compete with the best in the sport, what’s wrong with that?” I tweeted that I would like to have a grappling bout against Dmetrious Johnson, the legend himself, who holds the position of P4P number one and has been holding the sport for a long time.
Aspinall responded to the tweet by expressing his support for Mokaev and mentioning his own pursuit of Jon Jones, who is currently the reigning heavyweight champion of the undisputed championship.

When people see you wanting to compete with the best, they become quite offended.

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So far, Aspinall has not yet faced any competition. Due to the fact that Jones is currently recovering from his injury and is considering a fight with Stipe Miocic upon his return, a championship unification fight with Jones is not even close to being a possibility.

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