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BREAKING: Jake Paul gets jumped by Floyd Mayweather at Miami Heats game and makes a run for it


Jake Paul’s nickname, “The Trouble Child,” suggests that he is unable to stay out of trouble. The legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his massive entourage recently confronted Paul.

Following the just finished match between the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cavs, Mayweather and Paul crossed paths in Miami. Paul, whose winning run had been snapped by Tommy Fury earlier this month, was confronted by Mayweather and his staff.

Paul, who appeared to be only be shielded by a security officer, was accosted by Mayweather. After Mayweather’s defeat against Fury, his teammates questioned Paul’s quiet. Paul is said to have left the area as things became more tense and Mayweather’s team tried to rush him. Before things got worse, security sprang into action to diffuse the situation. TMZ Sports was the first to break the story. Paul apparently made fun of a deceased member of Floyd Mayweather’s family, and this infuriated the undefeated boxer, according to individuals close to him. According to sources, Mayweather’s rage was unrelated to the memorable altercation that took place when Paul grabbed his cap:

Jake stepped beyond the line. Taking a hat wasn’t the point of this. This included Jake’s remarks to Floyd regarding a deceased member of Floyd’s family as well as other below-the-belt disrespectful behaviour. Through TMZ Sports
Jake Paul responded to the circumstance on Twitter and issued Mayweather a direct challenge:

Floyd, if you want to engage in a one-on-one fight, we can do that, but please refrain from jumping out of three cars with 25 other people attempting to jump me when I’m trying to enjoy my Wednesday night.

When Jake Paul claimed that Floyd Mayweather tried to get him killed

At the press conference for Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition match versus his older brother Logan, Jake Paul and Floyd got into a physical altercation. Paul stole Mayweather’s hat during the brawl, infuriating the undefeated boxer.

The infamous “gotcha hat” line was born out of the incident. Jake Paul was aggressively attacked by Mayweather’s team. Paul thinks Mayweather truly wanted to hurt him and that it wasn’t planned.

On a Full Sent Podcast episode, Jake Paul disclosed that Mayweather allegedly wanted to have him “killed” for his activities.

“Without a doubt, he was working behind the scenes to have me killed. We were in Miami at the time, so he was phoning like a mobster. Because my security is connected to the street people, he was calling the homeless people. They warned them to be extremely cautious since he was attempting to do something.”

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