Brandon Moreno clears the air on strike that injured Deiveson Figueiredo at UFC 283

Recently, Brandon Moreno spoke about the significant strike he delivered to Deiveson Figueiredo at UFC 283 earlier this month.

The matches between Moreno and Figueiredo have never without controversy. They engaged in illegal eye pokes and low strikes in their first ever battle back in 2020, and the judges’ judgement in their trilogy fight last year divided the MMA community.

In the third round of their quadilogy match at UFC 283, Moreno put an end to his legendary flyweight battle with Figueiredo. Figueiredo claimed during his post-fight interview that he had been unlawfully punched in the eye, although the video playback clearly revealed that he had received a clean blow.

By the end of the third round, Figueiredo’s Brazilian opponent was unable to see because of the gash Moreno’s special striker caused below his eye, causing the doctor to call time on the fight. Moreno spoke on the fight-ending incident in an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, saying:

“I work on that punch with my instructors every day, especially with my boxing coach Jorge Capetillo. I recognise your position. My right hand was in this position [straight up] when I threw it after the hook, so I punched the other eye instead. It seemed strange. The fact is, I never experienced anything improper. Maybe they believed I had poked his eye.

By defeating Deiveson Figueiredo twice, Brandon Moreno regained the UFC flyweight title. After the bout, “Deus Da Guerra” said that he will move up to the bantamweight class, putting an end to his feud with “The Assassin Baby.”

What’s next for Brandon Moreno?

After facing Deiveson Figueiredo four times since December 2020, Brandon Moreno will now begin a new phase of his fighting career. When questioned about his next fight during the same interview with Ariel Helwani, Moreno responded as follows:

“I must relax my mind. Although my body needs a little recuperation, I still want to stay active. I desire activity. I wish to compete possibly in June or, according to a rumour at the moment, travel to Mexico City in September… To me, that seems cool. To be really honest, I would rather fight in June, but we’ll see what happens.

The next time out, Moreno is anticipated to face No. 2-ranked Alexandre Pantoja. Pantoja has already defeated “The Assassin Baby” twice: once in the UFC and once on The Ultimate Fighter. The obvious next contender for the crown is “The Cannibal,” who has triumphed in three straight matches against opponents that are rated.

Even a brief exchange between the former rivals occurred immediately after UFC 283.

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