Brandon Moreno and 4 other universally loved UFC fighters

There are several combatants in the UFC, and fans have varying reactions to them. Some mixed martial artists are detested and loathed by both spectators and opponents. These people include people like Josh Koscheck and Colby Covington. Other combatants are divisive and occupy a medium ground.

More than any other mixed martial artist competing under Dana White’s banner, Conor McGregor typifies this type of combatant. From his native Ireland, the Irishman has a legion of fiercely devoted followers. He also has a sizable following of detractors who dislike him for various reasons.

The fighters who are adored by all MMA fans, however, are the rarest diamonds of all. One such fighter was Glover Teixeira, the former 205-pound champion who just announced his retirement after failing to retake his divisional throne at UFC 283.

These five active boxers are all-time favourites among fans, according to this list.

#5. Charles Oliveira – UFC lightweight

Many people believe Charles Oliveira to be the definition of an underdog. The expert in Brazilian jiu-jitsu has won the lightweight division in the past. His action-packed fighting style, which puts finishing his opponents first, has won him the hearts of innumerable admirers.

In addition, his capacity to recover from his career’s well-known downturn following several weigh-in failures and losses has elevated him to an admirable position. Fans backed him even more as he staged a historic comeback to win the championship gold for the first time.

Fans all over the world echoed the Brazilian’s oft-repeated statement that the lightweight champion had a name. Fans of “do Bronx” stuck with him even after he was defeated by Islam Makhachev for the championship. He just has admirers; he has no enemies or opponents.

#4. Stephen Thompson – UFC welterweigh

Stephen Thompson made fun of himself when Jorge Masvidal fought Nate Diaz to win the official BMF title. As opposed to the “Baddest Motherfcker” term used by “Gamebred,” this abbreviation stands for “Nicest Motherfcker.” There is good justification for this.

One of the friendliest MMA competitors is Stephen Thompson. It’s quite impossible to locate video of him disparaging another combatant. Nobody else in the fight also criticises him. Only Colby Covington has offended him, and since he trash-talked everyone, he is irrelevant in this situation.

The same goes for “Wonderboy,” who is adored by his admirers for embodying the true spirit of martial arts through his demeanour. The two-time title contender is adored by all and one of the few athletes to high-five opponents after knocking them out.

#3. Robert Whittaker – UFC middleweight

Robert Whittaker became the first UFC champion from Australia. The former middleweight champion has never engaged in any situations that would have caused him to lose support from the MMA community or even from his fellow competitors. The extremely accomplished mixed martial artist has never been embroiled in any disputes.

‘The Reaper’ also won over the MMA faithful with his nice demeanour and courteous demeanour. He never talks down to opponents and is always honest in his evaluation of them. The Australian great has no haters, just like every fighter on this list.

Even Israel Adesanya, who ‘The Reaper’ dislikes, is only kept at a distance because they both want to hold the divisional title.

#2. Max Holloway – UFC featherweight

One of the most exciting MMA fighters is Max Holloway. The ex-champion striker at featherweight has unlimited stamina, which allows him to overwhelm his opponents with a barrage of never-before-seen strikes. Fans who value his action-packed style are fond of him.
Nobody will ever forget his commanding victory over Calvin Kattar. He dodged Kattar’s blows while yelling that he was the best boxer in the promotion, creating an unforgettable moment that will live on forever. He bears no animosity toward any fans or other fighters.

Even Alexander Volkanovski, his fiercest rival, has a great deal of regard for “Blessed.” One of the most adored competitors in the sport is Hawaii’s first-ever UFC champion.

#1. Brandon Moreno – UFC flyweight champion

A Mexican-born UFC champion has never before existed in Brandon Moreno. He has gained widespread popularity among fans for to his high-octane offence, fearless counterpunching, and warrior mentality. His walkouts frequently receive a warm welcome, which speaks volumes. Who could blame crowds for enjoying seeing “The Assassin Baby”?

He is a gentleman and refrained from insulting Deiveson Figueiredo in the interview that followed the fight. His rationale? He aimed to set a positive example for his kids. He constantly has a smile on his face, speaks well of his rivals, and is open about his aspirations.

Because of how Brazil treats all competitors who are not Brazilian, the only occasion he has ever been despised by fans was at UFC 283. Brazilian fans’ behaviour does not represent how well-liked Brandon Moreno is, as evidenced by their decision to leave during Glover Teixeira’s retirement speech.

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