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Big’ John McCarthy slams narrative that Francis Ngannou “ran away” from the UFC


Following Dana White’s announcement that the UFC has given up on trying to convince the Cameroonian to accept a contract with the company, Francis Ngannou is the most recent athlete to test the free agency waters.

Following Ngannou’s removal from the heavyweight title, Jon Jones will return to the octagon to challenge Ciryl Gane for the empty throne.

Since quite some time, Ngannou and the UFC’s senior management have been involved in a contract dispute. According to Dana White’s most recent theory, Ngannou wants to compete for big money in simpler matches.

The UFC has been under fire from a number of athletes, fans, and experts for spreading the myth that Francis Ngannou avoids competitive battles. On Twitter, John McCarthy shared the same viewpoint, writing:

“Simply simple, the @ufc did not release @francis ngannou. He completed his fight while still holding the heavyweight title. Without a doubt, Francis has no phobia for any UFC fighter. He is a courageous individual who sticks up for his convictions.”

Following Francis Ngannou’s departure, former lightweight contender exposes UFC negotiation tactics

Officially released from UFC obligations, Francis Ngannou is now free to pursue other possibilities. Negotiations between the parties have broken down because the organisation would not agree to Ngannou’s demands to include the freedom to pursue boxing fights.

The Predator was given several hefty contracts by the UFC, according to Dana White, making him the highest-paid heavyweight fighter in UFC history. The organisation has also made an effort to spread the myth that Ngannou departed the UFC in order to compete in less difficult matches outside of the promotion.

Eddie Alvarez, a former UFC lightweight champion, slammed the organisation for promoting this notion. Gray Maynard, a rival lightweight fighter who participated in the UFC from 2007 to 2018, echoed the same sentiment.

He used Twitter to call out the UFC and their efforts to discredit athletes who quit the league:

“You want a raise in wages. “Afraid to fight.” would like a better contract. “Afraid to fight.” desire to test out free agency. “Afraid to fight”… …. Keep quiet and accept the offer that is made. “Loves to battle. a dangerous match for everyone

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