“Beating a guy in a wheel chair” is one of the criticisms that UFC champion Sean Strickland has leveled at the promotion of the fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou.

The current champion of the middleweight division in the UFC, Sean Strickland, does not have a favorable opinion of the impending fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou.

A highly anticipated boxing clash between Fury and Ngannou is scheduled to take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on October 28. The fight will take place later this weekend. The press conference for the event came to a close yesterday night, on October 26, and it appears as though Sean Strickland isn’t all that pleased with the fight.

Sean Strickland expressed his disagreement with Tyson Fury’s statements on X (which was then known as Twitter), in which Fury claimed to be “the baddest man” on the earth. The champion of the middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship lauded Tyson Fury’s skills as a boxer but stated that Fury is “far from” becoming “the baddest man on the planet.” In his words:

Even though we all know that Tyson will come out on top, the trash talking really gets under my skin. It’s like defeating a man when he’s confined to a wheelchair; it’s not a fight, and it doesn’t make you the most dangerous man on the globe. This has absolutely no bearing on anything. You’re not only a fantastic boxer but also the most dangerous man on the face of the earth. “Very far from”

Expansion of a Tweet

Following this, Sean Strickland posted a tweet in which he asserted that Francis Ngannou would win over Tyson Fury “in a real fight.”

“Just to be clear Francis Ngannou would destroy Tyson Fury in a real fight………”

Teddy Atlas claims Francis Ngannou can hurt Tyson Fury

The fight between Ngannou and Fury is getting closer to taking place. The lack of boxing experience that the former UFC heavyweight champion has is one of the reasons why many people assume that it is going to be a very one-sided contest. However, boxing instructor Teddy Atlas recently suggested that ‘The Predator’ can surprise the world with his performance.

During a recent episode of his podcast, THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas, Teddy Atlas shared his thoughts on how Ngannou has the potential to knock Tyson Fury out of the ring.

“For Fury, it could as well be game over at this point… He possesses the ability to cause harm to anyone, including Fury, who possesses an incredible chin. He has a wonderful chin, a strong constitution, and a great heart does Fury. He has been dropped a few times by the best puncher in boxing in Wilder, but he has gotten up every time. This shows that Fury has a great heart. Excellent, simply excellent. That deserves a round of applause from everyone.”

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