Banma Duoji ruined Walter Goncalves’s mixed martial arts debut with a strong unanimous decision victory at ONE Fight Night 12.

During their catchweight encounter at ONE Fight Night 12, Banma Duoji displayed his strength and technique, spoiling Walter Goncalves’ debut in mixed martial arts competition.

At the contest, which took place in Bangkok’s illustrious Lumpinee Stadium, Goncalves made use of his previous experience in Muay Thai to successfully land kicks from a greater distance.

Banma, on the other hand, immediately announced his presence by landing a devastating right hook counter to the temple early on. In spite of the fact that Goncalves attempted to initiate a clinch, the Chinese fighter demonstrated his physical superiority and effortlessly put him down to the ground.

Even though Goncalves showed some ground game skills, such as threats with a heel hook and switching to a calf slicer attempt, Banma was able to keep control of the situation.

After a moment of confusion brought on by a low punch delivered inadvertently by Banma, the Sanda specialist managed to achieve his third takedown of the round.

Goncalves attempted to finish the fight by countering with a guillotine choke, but he was unable to do so before the round expired.

Banma continued to use his expertise in Sanda to hit attacks before performing another successful double-leg takedown in the second round, which followed a pattern that was established in the first round. Goncalves demonstrated his prowess as a striker by dissecting Banma with a series of well-timed combinations.

However, in his eagerness, he overcommitted on his strikes, which gave Banma the opportunity to capitalize with a well-executed duck under and take Goncalves down once more. At the end of the round, Banma was in control of the situation and was landing hard ground and pound strikes.

Goncalves landed a critical blow in the third round when he kneed Banma in the face in response to Banma’s effort to take him down. It appeared as though he had figured out the timing of Banma’s takedowns, as he was able to effectively defend himself from many attempts and land strikes in return.

Despite this, Banma, who was competing on behalf of the Enbo Geduo Gym, did not give up and successfully completed another brutal takedown. This time, he did not allow Goncalves to rise back up and instead launched a flurry of brutal blows at him until the referee rang the final bell.

Final result: Banma Duoji defeats Walter Goncalves through unanimous decision (MMA – catchweight 135.75 lbs)

With the triumph, ‘The Prince’ extended his record to 15-2 and recorded his first victory while competing for ONE Championship.

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