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At ONE Fight Night 12, Garry Tonon gives his best guess as to how he will submit Shamil Gasanov.


Garry Tonon, the contender who holds the second spot in the ONE featherweight rankings, is completely confident that he will earn another submission victory on the following Friday.

At Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, the American will compete against Shamil Gasanov on July 14 during ONE Fight Night 12: Superlek vs. Khalilov on Prime Video. This bout has the potential to be an elimination bout for the world title.

Tonon, who is extremely self-assured, shows no sign of being intimidated by the formidable wrestling credentials of his Dagestani opponent.

The individual known as “The Lion Killer” is confident that Gasanov will err in some way and end up falling prey to his extensive list of submissions because of this.

In an exclusive interview, the prominent member of Team Renzo Gracie and Evolve MMA disclosed the following information to the Singapore-based promotion:

“Without a doubt, I’m going to put in a good word for this guy. The only issue that remains is how. In what manner is success most likely to be achieved? Perhaps some kind of guillotine?

Even though Tonon is capable of doing any submission move in the book once he has control of a limb, it stands to reason that a front headlock of some kind could be the key to Tonon’s success in this particular match.

After all, the unbeaten Gasanov enjoys going for takedowns, as was evident in his spectacular debut in the Circle against Kim Jae Woong a year ago.

It is not a well-kept secret that guillotine chokes from the half-guard or full-guard position are the kryptonite of double-leg takedowns. A sprawl that is executed at the appropriate moment can also generate openings for an exposed neck.

When you’re up against a cerebral grappler like Tonon, all it takes is one moment of inattention for him to seize the opportunity and wrap his arms around your neck like there’s no tomorrow. We are aware of the 31-year-old’s formidable guillotine skills.

To refresh your mind, take a look at the stunning finish that Tonon gave Sung Jong Lee:

However, “The Cobra” is a ground expert in his own right, and when these two eventually collide, we’ll find out if he’s able to thwart Tonon’s style, which relies heavily on submissions.

Do not miss out on this exciting bout at ONE Fight Night 12, which will be shown live and for free on US Primetime for Prime Video users in North America.

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