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As Superlek defeated Takeru to win the world title, fans praised his outstanding performance and referred to it as a “gorgeous performance.”


As a result of his unanimous victory over his most recent opponent, Takeru Segawa, in the main event of ONE 165, which took place this past weekend at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan, Superlek Kiatmoo9 demonstrated that he is the undisputed ONE flyweight kickboxing world champion.

Instagram was the platform where ONE Championship made the official announcement of Superlek’s triumph, and the following caption was included with the post:

In a nail-biting fight against Takeru, Superlek successfully defended his ONE Flyweight Kickboxing World Title, thereby retaining his title. The hashtag “@superlek789”

“The Kicking Machine” lived up to his fight nickname and won by kicking his way to victory. He did this by destroying the previous three-division K-1 world champion with his strong leg kicks that were thrown in a number of different ways. Through the use of his technical approach, which included leg kicks, front kicks, and roundhouse kicks, Superlek was able to keep Takeru at bay for the most of the bout. He was able to chop him down like a Christmas tree.

He left admirers in wonder and earned great comments as a result of this magnificent performance by the Thai superstar. A number of users on the platform, including @sam_serran0, @I_marsh9, @polishpeter88, @ktjun89, @lil_yach69, and @salandob6, commended him by commenting on the post:

“An incredible battle. A stunning display of talent on the part of Superlek. Takeru’s display of heart is truly remarkable and heartwarming.He emerges victorious. And a victory without a doubt. Only the third round was won by Takeru. The Superlek Over the course of five rounds, he defeated his knee as well as his leg. It is scored that Takeru is unable to protect against such.”Takeru deserves respect for finishing the fight on that leg,” the speaker said.Those individuals who claimed that Takeru was robbed obviously did not see the match or are lacking in knowledge regarding the battle. There is no doubt that Superlek emerged victorious. The third round was the only time that Takeru had the opportunity to do well. In spite of this, it was a thrilling bout, and it was the greatest fight of the evening altogether. Congratulations to @superlek789 on successfully defending their title, and I hope that @k1takeru will return with even more strength!

I was surprised by Takeru’s performance, as he performed significantly better than I had anticipated. It is hard to imagine that Superlek survived those body shots, but Superlek is currently on a high.”Takeru was outwitted by Superlek when it came to managing the distance.”Screenshot of the comments made by fans
Screenshot of the comments made by fans
Added feedback from the audience
Added feedback from the audience

With this most recent triumph, the Thai superstar, who is 28 years old, has further improved his record in ONE Championship, which now stands at 13 wins and one loss. As a result, he has now won nine consecutive bouts, dating back to May 2022.

Superlek showed immense durability, championship experience, and received a $50K bonus

The Kiatmoo9 Gym representative not only displayed his complete offensive arsenal, but he also demonstrated that he possesses an incredible amount of heart and durability by surviving the storm that Takeru threw at him. This was especially true in the third round, when he weathered the onslaught to escape being knocked down or being finished.

Superlek was one of the six individuals who became eligible to receive the performance bonus of $50,000 from Chatri Sityodtong, Chairman and CEO of ONE Championship. This was due to the fact that Superlek’s overall performance was so impressive that it caused the entire Ariake Arena to go silent when he was formally proclaimed as the winner.

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