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As a result of his lightning-fast knockout victory over Andre August, Jake Paul uses only two words to express his happiness.


Jake Paul, a social media sensation who has transitioned into a professional boxer, made his appearance in the ring for the third time this year, taking on Andre August, an American boxer. Paul vs. August: MVP Most Valuable Prospects IV was held on December 15 at the Caribe Royale Orlando in Orlando, Florida. The two were the main featured performers at the event.

It did not take the younger Paul brother very long to establish himself as a formidable opponent in the fight, which was only his second professional boxing opponent following Tommy Fury earlier in the year. During the first few minutes of the first round, the two boxers traded blows with one other. However, it was the 26-year-old who executed a lightning-fast combination of a left jab and a hard right uppercut that ultimately resulted in August being disqualified.

Take a look at his undercut knockout from a ringside vantage point via the following Instagram post:

Paul took to Instagram to express his reaction to his crushing triumph, which was his fifth knockout victory overall. He captioned his conclusion with a two-word comment that conveyed his resounding satisfaction.

As he wrote:

“NIGHT NIGHT [rolling on the floor with tears of joy emoji]”
Check out the following post that he made on Instagram:

As the year comes to a close, the YouTuber is at the top of his game, having won two of his three fights so far this year. After suffering his first professional defeat in boxing against Tommy Fury at the beginning of the 2023 season, he has made up for it with victories against Nate Diaz, a former legend of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and Andre August, who is a solid fighter.

Jake Paul addresses speculations about the realism of a potential matchup against Canelo Alvarez

On multiple occasions, Jake Paul has expressed his desire to compete against the legendary boxer Canelo Alvarez in the future.

Despite the fact that many people would consider it an unattainable objective, given that Alvarez is the current undisputed super middleweight champion and has won the world championship in numerous weight classes, this is a goal that was set by Alvarez.

Jake Paul, on the other hand, is not intimidated by those honors and has focused the press towards the commercial attractiveness of a fight between the two, while also stating a time frame that is feasible. It was him who said:

On the whole, I believe it to be quite realistic. That may sound odd to some people, but Canelo [Alvarez] is a shrewd businessman, and at the end of the day, all he wants to do is compete in major fights and provide great entertainment products. Um, you know, and people may think that sounds weird. In addition, my skill set is getting better each and every day. I take on actual professional fighters in order to eventually be able to take on more difficult opponents, and I see Canelo against Jake Paul taking place within the next twenty-four months. This is the reason why I engage in fights like this.

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