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As a result of his knockout victory, Jake Paul has reaffirmed his intention to become the boxing world champion and has named a possible opponent for his next bout.


Jake Paul has stated once more that he would appreciate the opportunity to win a world championship in the sport of professional boxing.

A professional boxing bout between Paul and Andre August took place earlier today (December 15, 2023), and it was Paul’s most recent competition in the martial arts and combat sports. August was knocked down by a hard uppercut from “The Problem Child,” who won the bout by knockout in the first round. “The Problem Child” controlled the fight.

The post-fight news conference was where Jake Paul revealed his next move, which came after he had won the fight with a knockout victory that was absolutely thunderous. According to Paul, who has a record of 8-1 in professional boxing, many people considered his bout against August, who is less well-known but has more experience, to be a risky mismatch for his brand.

Over the course of his career, the American boxer, who is now 26 years old, has never wavered from his goal of becoming a world champion. Once again, Paul reaffirmed that by saying:

“What exactly is going on? Now, what exactly is the plan? And there is only one answer to this question: to win the world championship.

At the beginning of this year, Jake Paul expressed his desire to get additional experience in the boxing ring by competing against full-time professional fighters, regardless of whether or not these boxers are the most well-known athletes. Due to the fact that Paul has typically boxed high-profile mixed martial arts fighters in the majority of his matchups, many people have pointed out that this would be a striking contrast to Paul’s normal method of operation.

Recent statements made by Paul indicate that he is not inclined to engage in a bout with influential boxers, including his longstanding adversary KSI. Instead, he is intent on competing against more seasoned boxers who dedicate their full time to the sport.

You can see the entire press conference that Paul gave after the bout below:

One of the journalists who attended the news conference that took place after the fight made a reference to the same thing and inquired as to whether Paul would choose to face Viddal Riley rather than KSI. As a response, the YouTuber and boxing star indicated that he is open to the possibility of challenging Riley to a fight.

Paul and Riley have not yet made any public announcements regarding their next battles at this time. The following is what ‘The Problem Child’ had to say:

There is no doubt that this is a possibility. Oh, it would be fascinating. And Riley is a person who has a name and a profile. There is no doubt that this is something that piques my interest. And as I continue down this route, I am going to continue to push myself to my limits and continue to develop, develop, and develop. Additionally, a few of those names begin to make their way into the equation.

When Viddal Riley labeled Jake Paul vs. KSI as the biggest fight ever in YouTube boxing

In recent years, a new sub-genre of combat sports known as social media influencer boxing or YouTube boxing has emerged. This sub-genre involves internet personalities competing against one another in amateur or professional boxing matches. In connection with this, to this day, Jake Paul versus KSI is one of the probable boxing fights that has received the most attention on YouTube.

Viddal Riley, who is now the reigning English cruiserweight champion and has a perfect record in professional boxing, was KSI’s boxing trainer throughout the 2017–2019 time period. In 2022, Riley gave an interview to iFL TV, during which he made a notable claim that a potential boxing bout between Paul and KSI would be the most significant confrontation in the annals of influencer boxing. Riley made the following statement, implying that it would be an even more spectacular event than the fights between Logan Paul and KSI:

The size is greater. This is going to be the most intense fight that ever takes place on YouTube. However, the question is whether or not it will occur… There is no way to refute that it is the largest. It is not even close.
Take a look at Riley’s discussion of the subject below (4:05):

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