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Arjan Bhullar has broken his silence following his defeat to Anatoly Malykhin for the world title.


This past June, Arjan Bhullar was defeated by Anatoly Malykhin, and the defeat left him feeling dejected. He took some time off to think about the setback.

When the Indian superstar returned to the ring at ONE Friday Fights 22 in Bangkok, he did so with the support and anticipation of his whole country. Bhullar, on the other hand, did not live up to his responsibilities and was knocked out by Malykhin in the third round of their fight for the undisputed heavyweight world title in ONE.

Bhullar broke the radio silence that had surrounded his setback by going public on Instagram about two weeks after his defeat.

“Singh” connected with his Punjabi heritage and reaffirmed his dedication to achieving Chardi kala, also known as maintaining a happy mental state regardless of the challenges that lay in his path.

“A week to disconnect from technology and spend quality time with those you care about. A full week to contemplate and reflect. A week to figure out our next step. Nothing will ever be able to bring me down. Always be centered in #chardikala.”

In May 2021, Bhullar won the ONE heavyweight world title by knocking out Brandon Vera in the second round through a knockout blow. This victory earned him the title. In spite of his historic victory, Bhullar was forced to take a break from the sport for almost two years due to injuries and other external causes.

Malykhin made lightning-fast progress in the heavyweight ranks and won the temporary title in February 2022 while he was absent. The Russian juggernaut not only won the ONE light heavyweight world title, but he also added that crown when he knocked out Reinier de Ridder in the first round of their match at ONE on Prime Video 5.

The unification fight between Bhullar and Malykhin was constructed on pent-up hostility between the two, and many people anticipated that the two sluggers would engage in an all-out brawl during the fight.

Malykhin, on the other hand, almost physically overpowered Bhullar and walked away from the illustrious Lumpinee Boxing Stadium with the ONE undisputed heavyweight world title over his shoulder.

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