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Arjan Bhullar sizes up According to Anatoly Malykhin, the interim king will not have any responses to the talents he possesses.


Arjan Bhullar, the heavyweight champion of ONE, has been somewhat inactive for the past several years, but he has shared a lot of his thoughts throughout this time.

The champion has continued to talk about the statement that he intends to make when he fights Anatoly Malykhin at ONE Friday Fights 22, which is getting closer and closer to the date of his return with each passing day.

Bhullar has been subjected to a great deal of criticism and uncertainty throughout his term as champion due to the fact that he has not defended the championship since becoming champion over two years ago by stopping Brandon Vera in the second round.

In spite of the fact that he might be forced to eat his words on June 23, the champion has a fantastic opportunity to reclaim all of his reputation and standing by defeating the unbeaten temporary world champion and putting an end to those who have cast doubt on his abilities.

Malykhin has been tearing past the rest of the competition in his division while he has been away, and he is on his way to becoming a double champion. Bhullar feels that he is simply on another level to his opponent and that he will demonstrate that he is the finest heavyweight in the division when the two finally meet inside the Circle. This is despite the fact that Bhullar has an impressive win streak and a high rate of finishing his opponents.

Arjan Bhullar expressed his belief that Anatoly Malykhin’s perfect record will work in his favor on fight night during an interview with ONE Championship. Bhullar explained how he thinks the record will benefit him:

“There have been a lot of questions, and very few of them have been answered. When I ask them, I don’t believe he will have the answers since I’m going to ask them.
On the 23rd of June, ONE Friday Fights 22, which will be held at the illustrious Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, will be broadcast live and for free.

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