Arian Sadikovic claims that he won the first battle he had against Regian Eersel, who is a double champion.

Arian Sadikovic, a German kickboxer, is continuing his pursuit of Regian Eersel, the ONE lightweight kickboxing world champion, whom he claims he defeated in their title clash a year ago. Sadikovic is in hot pursuit of Eersel.

At ONE: 156 in April 2022, two strikers of world-class competed against one another. The champion successfully defended his world title by receiving a unanimous decision.

Arian Sadikovic turned up a strong performance throughout the competition and even knocked out Regian Eersel with a knee in the second round.

Despite the vicious hitting of ‘Game Over’ in the championship rounds, ‘The Immortal’ was able to recover from the knee injury and regain his composure as the battle went on, despite the fact that he had been knocked down earlier.

To Regian Eersel’s relief, the winner of the competition was determined to be him in the end.

Arian Sadikovic said once more, following his most recent victory at ONE bout Night 11 on Prime Video on June 9 in Bangkok, that he had defeated Regian Eersel in their first bout. This came after Arian Sadikovic’s most recent victory. And contrary to popular belief, he was victorious in more than simply the second round of the competition.

He said:

“Let me start by saying that I don’t believe he won the first fight. It seemed quite near to me at the time. I have heard quite a few people remark that I have just won the second round, but I do not agree with them. I believe that I was successful in more than only the second round.
It is something that he intends to ‘fix’ if given another opportunity at the belt, which he strengthened his claim for by winning a unanimous decision over a former title candidate named Nieky Holzken at ONE Fight Night 11.

In an interesting turn of events, Regian Eersel, who is also the lightweight Muay Thai world champion, competed in the main event of ONE Fight Night 11, where he successfully defended the Muay Thai gold by knocking out the Russian challenger Dmitry Menshikov.

In North America, subscribers to Amazon Prime can watch the rebroadcast of ONE Fight Night 11 at no additional cost.

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