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Arian Sadikovic acknowledges that the time off threw off his rhythm during the match against Nieky Holzken.


Arian Sadikovic, a German striker who was born in Bosnia, is not a fan of having a long break between fights; if he had his way, the perfect turnaround time would be much shorter.

‘Game Over’ had to wait for a considerable amount of time before his most recent fight, which took place on June 9 in Bangkok at ONE Fight Night 11 on Prime Video.

The Lumpinee Boxing Stadium played host to ten bouts, one of which was a kickboxing match between Arian Sadikovic, 28, and Nieky Holzken, a veteran of the sport. Sadikovic faced Holzken in the featured lightweight kickboxing bout.

The Fightschool Hannover/Team CSK affiliate hadn’t competed in a bout for more than a year before to this one.

Arian Sadikovic said that the lengthy layoff disrupted his rhythm, despite the fact that he went on to win by unanimous decision after dominating Nieky Holzken.

During the interview that took place after the bout, he stated:

“It is essential for me to engage in combat as quickly as possible, if at all possible. Unlike now, when I went a whole 14 months without engaging in physical conflict. Therefore, as I entered the ring, I did not have a nice feeling.”
Check out the interview that was just posted:

Now, Sadikovic is keeping his fingers crossed that he won’t have to wait too long before his next bout.

After his victory at ONE Fight Night 11, he believes that he merits a rematch with the reigning champion of his division, Regian Eersel, and he would like to schedule such a bout if it is possible.

Eersel was Sadikovic’s opponent in the one and only fight that took place during the previous year. Sadikovic was unsuccessful in his pursuit of the title because he was defeated via unanimous decision.

In North America, subscribers to Amazon Prime can watch the rebroadcast of ONE Fight Night 11 at no additional cost.

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