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Andrew Tate’s team lashes out at internet trolls for “head full of hair” jokes with a serious statement


The internet has consistently made fun of Andrew Tate’s receding hairline. His dramatic baldness, which he maintains was always purposeful, is said by internet users to be male pattern baldness.

Romania has handed down a second 30-day prison sentence to the contentious internet personality for his suspected involvement in organised crime and human trafficking. A court in Bucharest renewed the arrest warrants for Andrew Tate, Tristan Tate, and two other suspects for a third time.

With his “long beard” and “full head of hair” from his time in prison, Andrew Tate said he couldn’t recognise himself. He also promised his supporters that he would not be broken despite the harsh prison conditions and the government’s attempts to quiet him. Although the majority of Tate’s fans reacted favourably to his tweet, some also commented negatively about his thinning hairline.

Recently, Tate’s staff responded to internet trolls who called people “head full of hair” online. In a statement to TMZ, the team stated that supporters should be more preoccupied with his fight for justice than with his hair:

We worry more about how people appear than the potential risks of false allegations, as evidenced by the unusual online fixation with Andrew’s hair.
When he discovered that the prison forbade the use of single-use razors, Andrew Tate allegedly ordered that the hairstylist be imprisoned.

Andrew Tate dispels speculation that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer

Rumors that Andrew Tate has been given a lung cancer diagnosis are denied. Evidently, one of his close friends verified the assertion.

According to recent claims from Tate’s management group, lung cancer has been discovered in the former kickboxer-turned-influencer. According to his team, doctors in Dubai think the mass on his upper right lung could be a sign of a carcinoid tumour, a rare, slow-growing type of cancer.

Officials in Romania reportedly turned down Tate’s team’s plea to release him so he could undergo medical care in Dubai.
Tate’s followers were understandably worried about the condition of the contentious influencer. Tate has since categorically refuted the rumours in public. He tweeted the following:

“Cancer does not affect me. There is exactly 0 smoking-related damage in my lungs. In actuality, I have an 8L lung capacity and Olympic-caliber vital signs. My lung just has a scar from a previous war. True fighters have scars on their bodies and souls.”

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