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Andrew Tate shows his intention to purchase Epstein’s island by saying, “I’ll pay right now.” He does this in order to convey a message about “western elites.”


A social media influencer named Andrew Tate has made an offer to purchase the island that Jeffrey Epstein owns in response to the disclosure of the names of more than 170 individuals who were associated with Epstein.

Tate and his brother Tristan Tate are currently being tried by Romanian authorities for a variety of offenses, including human trafficking, which they are accused of committing. He made an offer to purchase the island and affixed a plaque on it that referred to “Western elites” and declared that the Tate brothers were not involved in the trafficking of people.

Previously known as Twitter, he posted the following on X:

I am going to purchase Epstein’s island and affix a large plaque to it that reads, “Western Elites are Human Traffickers, Not the Tate Brothers.” Who has the price, if anyone? I swore to myself that I would pay it RIGHT NOW.
Take a look at his post down below:

Enlarge the Tweet
The actual name of Epstein’s island is Little Saint James, and it is a 72-acre island located two miles southeast of the coast of Saint Thomas. The island, which is a part of the United States Virgin Islands, was purchased by Epstein in 1998 through his firm for a total price of $7.95 million. Until the year 2019, he continued to be the sole proprietor of the business.

Little Saint James and Great Saint James, which are located nearby, were both listed by the firm that is in charge of Epstein’s estate at a price of $125 million; however, they were not successful in attracting a buyer at that price. During the month of May in the year 2023, billionaire Stephen Deckoff, acting via his company SD Investments, paid sixty million dollars to acquire both Little Saint James and Great Saint James.

Fans react to Andrew Tate offering to buy Epstein’s island

The offer made by Andrew Tate to purchase Jeffrey Epstein’s island was met with a variety of responses from fans. Tate should repair the islands, according to the suggestion of one user, so that the atrocities that were done there can be displayed.

“Would be interesting to buy Epstein Island for $70 million (was just sold for $60 million) then restore it to original, and turn it into a tourist island/horror museum of sorts that allows people to understand first hand the unspeakable crimes of the elites.”

There were also many who requested that he investigate the contentious circumstances surrounding Epstein’s passing.

“Can you also add: Note: Epstein didn’t kill himself”
Andrew Tate received support from a number of other individual.

Your name was not found on the list, according to them. Feminists are crying out in such a loud voice.”That would bring 2024 to the best start”Carry it out. You are accomplishing the job of Christ. Your brother, we are here for you.

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