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Andrew Tate in jail: New lawyer gives major update 


On December 28, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were detained in Romania while they awaited trial on charges of human trafficking. Tina Glandian, Tate’s new attorney, recently gave a significant update regarding her client’s detention.

Glandian bemoaned Tate’s living circumstances and lack of access to lawyers in a recent interview with Piers Morgan. She added that her client has not yet been charged and said she has not seen any evidence of his guilt. Glandian urged the public to believe them as innocent until proven guilty in an interview with Piers Morgan, saying:

“The brothers are both incredibly strong, resilient, and they are enduring despite the obviously bad circumstances. They have been held captive for a very long time at this point and are currently in a Romanian jail cell. They are not in a good situation because they only have limited access to their attorneys.” “They are controversial public figures, but that isn’t a crime, and as of right now, neither any evidence nor charges have been brought against them. I thus beg that they be treated as though they are innocent.”

“Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and famed boxer Mike Tyson have all collaborated with Tina Glandian in the past.

Andrew Tate allegedly threatened victims with violence

In addition to two Romanian ladies, Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu, who are close friends of the brothers, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan are also detained. The brothers are accused of luring their victims with promises of marriage and relationships before forcing them to watch pornography.
One victim alleges that they were threatened with physical harm until they made at least €10,000 (£9,000) each month on social networking networks. The BBC, which obtained the leaked testimony, broke the news first. According to the BBC, “The alleged victim continued working to a rigorous schedule… staying live on TikTok for 12 hours with only a five-minute break.”

“requiring her to earn at least €10,000 per month and threatening to beat her if she didn’t do her job.”
The victims of Andrew Tate allegedly received fines for failing to post on the OnlyFans website.

Even while some victims claim they weren’t taken advantage of by the Tates, the court asserts that those allegations “do not reflect reality” because human trafficking victims frequently aren’t aware of the abuse they are going through.

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