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Andrew Tate makes an absurd allegation regarding international sensation Shakira.


controversial media figure Andrew Tate is renowned for his divisive opinions. However, the subject of his most recent Twitter remark is international superstar Shakira.The career of the Colombian singer-songwriter has spanned more than three decades and several musical genres for Hispanic and English-speaking audiences. Her music makes extensive use of her Arab ancestry.

Six Grammy Awards have been given to Shakira, who has received three victories and six nominations. In 2001, 2018, and 2006, she was awarded Best Latin Pop Album, as well as Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album. Her longtime partner and former FC Barcelona player Gerard Pique recently filed for divorce.

Andrew Tate acknowledged in a tweet that he had seen Shakira’s face thousands of times, but added that he would not recognise her because she had a forgettable face. Tate’s tweet is devoid of context and doesn’t appear to be motivated by any recent events, so it’s unclear why he felt compelled to share this insight.

Tate penned:

“Despite having seen Shakira’s face a million times, I’m still unsure of how she looks. I am aware that sounds odd. I have the impression that I wouldn’t even identify her if I passed her in the street.

Fans react to Andrew Tate’s bizarre tweet about Shakira

Fans reacted to Andrew Tate’s remark in a variety of ways, from supporting the Colombian singer to finding it amusing.

Some people retaliated against the divisive online personality.”Jealous greatly of her fame and beauty? Not only does she not recognise you on the street, but neither does the bulk of the world. Continue hating.She wouldn’t even recognise you.”Only those hips come to mind.” [smiling face with eyes closed] “[drooling face emoji]”Some supporters remarked on the idea’s unpredictability.

“That was hilariously accurate! The same applies to me.

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