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Andrew Tate takes a strong position against online “thirst traps” because he feels “repulsed” by women.


In part because of his divisive perspective on women, Andrew Tate has become well-known. A toxic style of masculinity is promoted by the former kickboxer-turned-internet sensation, who appears to appeal to a sizable segment of young adults.Tate has previously expressed divisive beliefs, such as the idea that rape victims and women who work in the kitchen should shoulder some of the blame. The latest contentious opinion from “Top G” concerns ladies who post “thirst traps.”

Tate claims to be resistant to charm tricks, yet even if they are a “25/10,” he still seems horrified by these women. Cobra, calling the entire trend a “psyop,” posted the following on Twitter:

No matter how stunning she is, she can only be a 25/10. It doesn’t matter how flawless her photo is. Even as I scroll, I don’t even slow down. In fact, I find it repulsive to see ANY of these women. SINCERELY resistant to thirst traps. All of it is a psyop. a mental assault. I couldn’t give a fuck less.

What does Andrew Tate think of women?

Last December, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were detained in Romania on suspicion of rape and human trafficking. The brothers are accused of luring women with promises of relationships and marriage before forcing them to participate in pornography.

After being released from jail last week, Andrew and Tristan Tate are now living under house arrest in Romania. In addition, ‘Top G’ is a self-described misogynist who thinks that women belong to men. In an earlier comment, Tate stated:

In a prior interview, “Top G” also discussed “pimpin” ladies for cash:

“At my webcam pimping peak, I believe I am king of the world. The issue is that my first two females worked for me because they loved me, but as you grow, you start recruiting women who don’t. They are involved for financial gain.

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