Andrew Tate issues cease and desist letter to ‘victim,’ threatens to sue her for $300 million

In December 2022, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were detained on suspicion of involvement with organised crime, sexual assault, and people trafficking. They continue to be detained right now.

Now it’s known that the pair filed a lawsuit against a victim who accused them of sex trafficking. According to The Mirror, the Tate brothers sent a cease and desist letter to the accuser’s legal team in December.

According to reports, “Cobra” threatened to sue the woman and her family for slander and seek $300 million in damages.

According to a copy of the letter obtained by the BBC:

“You lied in April 2022 when you claimed that our Client had detained you against your will, subjected you to mistreatment, and trafficked you. You have repeatedly made false and malicious claims against the Tate brothers to the police, the media, and another American citizen.”
Benjamin Bull, a lawyer for multiple accusers in the case, has accused Andrew Tate and his brother of using the defamation suit as an intimidation method.

When their second attempt to challenge their arrest was denied, the couple will remain in custody until February 27. The legal dispute has not stopped “Cobra” from existing.

Following the online leak of a purported wiretap of the victims, it was revealed a few days ago that two of the Tate brothers’ putative victims had intended to frame the brothers.

The circumstances surrounding the arrest of the two influencers continue to cause controversy. While some have campaigned for the brothers’ release, others seem content with their detention.

Andrew Tate comments on UK schools doing “anti-Tate campaigns”

Late in the year 2021, Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan debuted on social media with a series of provocative and startling claims. The feminist movement, theories about toxic masculinity, and other divisive beliefs have all been denounced by “Cobra.”

The two quickly became viral across all platforms, and as a result, they have been classified as hazardous thinkers in some way. So much so that “anti-Tate initiatives” have been implemented in the classroom by British schools.

User @mrexceptionall on Twitter published the following online:

Recent comments by Andrew Tate regarding the campaigns against him and his brother are as follows:

“According to reports, the UK government is spending billions of pounds to warn young males that my message is harmful. At schools, anti-Tate programmes are currently being conducted. It hurts me to see how much money is being spent to try to pass off some twisted and terrible message as being mine.”

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