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Aljamain Sterling questions whether Francis Ngannou gains much traction outside of the UFC


Francis Ngannou is currently a free agent after failing to reach an agreement to stay with the UFC. Aljamain Sterling recently expressed his opinions on the former heavyweight champion’s departure.

The bantamweight champion said on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani:

“If I’m being completely honest, I’ll admit that I believe both parties made mistakes. Francis’ ascent into the mainstream, in my opinion, depends on the UFC. People are aware of him, but I believe that in order for him to advance, he must defeat someone like Jon Jones. He leaves now since he is a free agent. What kind of revenue will he truly be able to bring in from these additional promotions? I’m not sure.”

“Will he be able to battle Tyson Fury? If he achieves it, great for him; I believe it will result in significant numbers. I look at the UFC and wonder, “Over what did you let the baddest man on the globe walk?” as a result of the man’s desire to perform a boxing match while still under contract? Conor accomplished this, so why not Francis? … What the actual approach is is a mystery to me. I only hope that whatever he chooses will provide him with the most financial stability.”

imply that you will face WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury in a fight in 2022. The former UFC heavyweight champion will now be allowed to freely discuss his next move even though it is uncertain whether the match will really take place.

Francis Ngannou left the UFC, and Aljamain Sterling talks about it below (beginning at 2:12:30):

Francis Ngannou’s coach shares why he did not agree to the UFC’s contract offer

Since BJ Penn left the promotion in 2004, Francis Ngannou is the only active UFC champion to leave. The former heavyweight champion’s trainer, Eric Nicksick, talked about his fighter’s decision to quit the UFC after more than seven years with the organisation.

Nicksick said the following to Ariel Helwani at The MMA Hour:

He’s carrying out what he believes is best for him. Following the altercation, Francis, Dana, Hunter, and I met with Dana and Hunter. We had a wonderful meal, and I thought everything was going well. Francis turned to me as we were getting into the car and said, “If I sign this deal, if I do this without making any changes, without completing what I said I was going to do,

Ngannou allegedly turned down a contract that would have made him the highest-paid heavyweight in UFC history, according to president of the organisation Dana White. The unemployed mixed martial artist earlier disclosed that he was seeking a raise in salary, access to health insurance, and the freedom to compete in boxing contests.

Below, you can watch Francis Ngannou’s trainer explain why he declined the contract offer from the UFC:

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