Alistair Overeem, a UFC “legend,” is welcomed by Fight Circus after failing a drug test.

Alistair Overeem, a former UFC heavyweight title candidate who failed a drug test, has been given a new home at Fight Circus.The last time Alistair Overeem competed in the UFC was in 2021 when he faced Alexander Volkov. The UFC fired “The Demolition Man” after a TKO loss in the second round. He joined Glory Kickboxing after leaving the UFC and faced Badr Hari in October 2022, winning the match by unanimous decision.

However, after the former UFC fighter tested positive for illegal substances, Overeem’s victory was eventually reversed to a no-contest. Additionally, he has been barred from fighting for a year. It’s important to remember that he also tested positive for PEDs in 2012 while participating in the UFC.

Although Alistair Overeem has been barred from competing for a year, it appears that the Fight Circus promoter is eagerly anticipating the UFC “legend.” Overeem has stated that Fight Circus, an unusual fight promotion known for holding weird, gimmick-heavy competitions, had a spot open. They tweeted the following while recommending that they just test for STDS:

“OnLY when it burns do we test for STDS. You are welcome here, legend. #fightcircus.”

Will Alistair Overeem join Fight Circus?

Even though Overeem has been openly granted a spot at Fight Circus, it’s still not clear how serious those remarks really were. Additionally, “The Demolition Man” has not yet responded to the organisation’s offer.

Alistair Overeem will join another former UFC superstar Rampage Jackson at Fight Circus, though, should he choose to join the group. It’s interesting to see that Fight Circus appears eager to sign any fighter who has been suspended for their team.

They stated in another tweet posted to their official Twitter account that all fighters who have been placed on suspension should be sent to their group so they can resume fighting. When referring to “lower organisations” like the UFC, ONE FC, Bellator, BKFC, etc., it said:

I believe that ALL fighters on suspension should be put to the Fight Circus. When they reach those lower organisations like UFC, ONE FC, BELLATOR, and BKFC, they can fight their way back down there. Defend your contract in the event that it is lost. Of course, IMO.

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