Ali Abdelaziz thanks Dana White for making his “dream come true” at UFC 287 in front of Donald Trump.

Dominance MMA CEO Ali Abdelaziz was delighted to see Donald Trump at UFC 287. Abdelaziz, a devoted supporter of the previous US president, was thrilled to meet Trump in person.The CEO of Dominance MMA, together with Gilbert Burns and Dana White, is seen meeting the businessman-turned-politician cageside in a video that he released to his Twitter account.The 45-year-old was overjoyed to have met Trump, whom he believes to be the greatest president in American history, and thanked Dana White for giving him the chance to do so:

“I want to thank my brother @donaldjtrumpjr for bringing me to meet the greatest president in history, @realdonaldtrump, and shaking his hand.For realising our aspirations, my big brother @danawhite has my eternal gratitude.Donald Trump has been a longstanding supporter of the UFC and has been to several of its pay-per-view events. He continues to have an excellent working connection with Dana White and a few other competitors in the promotion.

Ali Abdelaziz is a fervent supporter of the former president and has previously gone to Trump rallies. The 45-year-old was even recognised by the former leader during the Cobb County event in 2020.

Fans were treated to sensational finishes and upsets at UFC 287, which lived up to the hype. The event reportedly brought in $11.9 million in live gate, making it the Miami Dade-Arena’s top-earning event and the sixth-highest-grossing event in the promotion’s history.

Gilbert Burns, a client of Abdelaziz, defeated hometown favourite Jorge Masvidal handily in the pay-per-view match.

Donald Trump at UFC 287: Ali Abdelaziz has been a longtime fan of the former President

During his time in office, former US President Donald Trump came under a lot of fire, with many calling him a racist and an Islamophobe. MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz, who holds the 76-year-old in high regard, disagrees with such assertions.

In a 2020 interview with TMZ Sports, the 45-year-old discussed his encounter with the politician:

“I’m an Egyptian immigrant, and I’ve heard that President Trump despises Muslims, but that’s not true, guy. Everyone can relate to this person. No matter who you are—black, white, Hispanic, Muslim, Christian, or Jew—he is for you. Despite the fact that I don’t live in America, talking to him made me feel incredibly American. It was fantastic.

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