Alexander Volkanovski paints hair-raising picture of how Islam Makhachev fight will go down

Alexander Volkanovski has outlined his strategy for winning the lightweight championship while disputing claims that he is too small to defeat Islam Makhachev at UFC 284.

At UFC 280, Makhachev decisively defeated Charles Oliveira by way of a second-round submission to claim the vacant lightweight championship. Next week in Australia, he will attempt to make his maiden title defence against the current featherweight champion and P4P king.

After shaking hands in the octagon at UFC 280, the 34-year-old discussed his preparation for his bout with the master grappler from Dagestan in a recent MainEvent video. Alexander Volkanovski thinks he can handle the task even though most people think Makhachev will win:

“I’ve never been big enough for whatever I did. It will be a difficult endeavour, but I am confident that I can complete it. I have to mentally get ready as though we’re going down. I need someone to put me in the worst situation I can possibly be in so that I can start fighting from there. You’ll undoubtedly notice a smile on my face even if he puts me in a difficult situation.”

Michael Bisping outlines what Alexander Volkanovski would find “tricky” to train for against Islam Makhachev

Alexander Volkanovski and Islam Makhachev will compete for the lightweight championship in a recent interview with Michael Bisping. The Dagestani trait that “The Great” will find difficult to anticipate was also highlighted by “The Count.”

In a recently published YouTube video, Bisping seems to concur with the general perception and offered his thoughts on the eagerly anticipated title bout. He repeated that while their disparities in physical ability would influence the battle to some extent, Makhachev’s skill with ground and pound will be more crucial.

In response to a question about where “The Great” ought to concentrate more on his forthcoming title fight, Bisping said:

“He is working out hard, getting off to a horrible start, and is aware that he will be defeated. But the distinction is all in the pounding… Volkanovski is getting hit at the gym, am I right? However, he does not experience someone trying to knock him out or throwing vicious, heavy elbows to the head and face. Volkanovski’s biggest challenge will be in that area.”

Incredibly, Alexander Volkanovski enters UFC 284 on a 22-fight winning streak. Khabib Nurmagomedov’s trainer and childhood friend Islam Makhachev is now on an 11-fight winning run.

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