Alex Pereira looks out the limited number of strategies that Robert Whittaker can use to overcome Israel Adesanya in the potential trilogy.

At UFC 288, Israel Adesanya was finally able to revenge his previous defeats at the hands of Alex Pereira and win back his middleweight championship.Despite the fact that ‘Izzy’ called out Du Plesis in particular, there is a chance that the winner of the fight between top middleweight prospects Dricus Du Plesis and Robert Whittaker at UFC 290 will be Adesanya’s next challenger.Alex Pereira, who has three victories against Israel Adesanya under his belt, gave his opinion on the prospect of a trilogy battle between “Izzy” and “The Reaper.”

‘Poatan’ said:

“He wants to have a fight that isn’t difficult. In my opinion, Du Plessis is the better option because he is far less difficult than Whittaker. He is aware that this will be a successful fight for him and wants to make his mark on history while adding to his collection of victories. Now, Whittaker, he is well aware that it will be challenging. Even though the first fight ended in a knockout, I still consider the second to be just as challenging. The second bout was the most difficult of the two. When they go at it a third time, I have no doubt that Whittaker will not only improve but also prevail. Although it goes without saying that Adesanya is challenging, I believe that he is the favourite.Also, he suggested a few changes that Robert Whittaker might make to his game in order to defeat Israel Adesanya, and if there’s anyone who knows anything about defeating the middleweight champion, it’s Alex Pereira.

“But if they have to fight a third time, I believe Whittaker will be a very dangerous opponent, especially now that we know Adesanya will not win.” He is not an unbeatable individual; he suffers defeat. He’s been defeated before, even in kickboxing, and I proved it to him in mixed martial arts. Therefore, Whittaker will undoubtedly gain confidence as a result of this. I believe that all he needs to do is make a few tweaks. Just has to do some things there specifics, some skills, and a strong kick defence; if he develops this, I am convinced that he will give a lot of work for Adesanya and might be the next champion.”

Alex Pereira speaks on Israel Adesanya provoking him and promoting a third fight

The fact that Israel Adesanya continued to celebrate long after his long-awaited victory against Alex Pereira has sparked a discussion about whether or not such actions are necessary.

Adesanya is advocating for “quality over quantity,” but “Poatan” sought to twist it in his favour by calling for a third battle to resolve their rivalry. Adesanya is pushing the cause of “quality over quantity.” He took to Twitter and mentioned Dana White, the president of the UFC.Pereira made it clear on his YouTube channel that he thinks ‘Izzy’ is taking advantage of the circumstance and his success even if he is ‘filled upto the neck’.

“I believe that it is not promoting, and I believe that he wants to dismiss that thing as if he was full up to the neck. I believe that he is trying to take advantage of this time, but I’m seeing that there could be a third fight, and he is instigating too much, right?”

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