Ahead of her rematch with Alexa Grasso, Valentina Shevchenko’s intimidating presence is dissected by Daniel Cormier, who notes that “She’s a little bit more frustrated.”

This coming weekend’s Noche UFC event will feature a rematch for the women’s flyweight championship between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. It appears that Daniel Cormier is aware of the reason why ‘Bullet’ has assumed a fairly tense approach rather than her typical self-assured persona in preparation for the forthcoming struggle she will be facing.

At UFC 231, Shevchenko was victorious over Joanna Jedrzejczyk, which allowed her to claim the unclaimed title of women’s flyweight champion. Following that, ‘Bullet’ amassed seven successful title defenses and was scheduled to face Alexa Grasso at UFC 285 for her eighth defense of her title. Grasso won the 125-pound championship by submitting his opponent with a spectacular face-crank in the fourth round of their fight.

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Valentina Shevchenko was granted an instant rematch against Alexa Grasso by the UFC as a result of her impressive resume. The native of Kyrgyzstan appeared to be much more serious and focused on her opponent than normal in the moments leading up to the bout between the two of them.

Daniel Cormier said in a video that was recently released to his YouTube channel that Shevchenko’s mood could be the result of her being frustrated with her most recent two performances and the subsequent change in the way that the public perceives her as a result of those performances. He remarked that

“Not only did she end up losing her championship, but we’re going to have to rematch her with Taila Santos. It’s not as if she completely dominated that bout like she had been doing throughout her quest for the title. It’s possible that this is why she’s feeling even more irritated about how the general public perceives her and how she’s feeling about how she’s going to do in this rematch.

Erin Blanchfield slams Valentina Shevchenko for being “a creature of habit”

In a recent article, Erin Blachfield discussed the main event of Noche UFC, which was a bout between Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso. The unpredictable challenger competing in the women’s flyweight division stated that the opponent known as “Bullet” has become predictable and lacks the determination to make the necessary adjustments while she is competing.

Blanchfield acknowledged Shevchenko as a formidable opponent in a recent interview with MMA Fighting; yet, she believes that the 35-year-old does not offer any additional complexities to her game. Blanchfield made this statement. In her words:

“She strikes me as the kind of person who is very much a creature of habit. She always seems to behave in the same manner, and as she is becoming a little bit older, it is, of course, getting more difficult to adapt to her new ways and vary her game… I have the impression that the division is closing in on Valentina… Does not implement a great deal of change.”

Erin Blachfield, on the other hand, is one of the most fascinating fighters to keep an eye on and has won her last nine fights in a row, which is an outstanding streak. Her perfect record is comprised of victories over opponents of the highest caliber, including Taila Santos, Jessica Andrade, and Molly McCann. The 24-year-old will be paying careful attention to the fight between Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso since she is hoping to obtain a title chance against the victor of that bout.

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