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After trading barbs on social media, Gordon Ryan and Khamzat Chimaev are now scheduled to face each other in a superfight at the ADCC.


At the ADCC World Championships in 2024, it’s possible that Gordon Ryan and Khamzat Chimaev will end up competing against one other in a grappling superfight.

Both guys have called each other out to a submission grappling fight, which has led to some very light trash-talking between the two parties on the internet. Ryan, who is widely regarded as the top No-Gi grappler on the planet, spent many years as a member of the “blue basement” at Renzo Gracie BJJ in New York City, New York. Chimaev has also worked out at the same gym in the past, and it would appear that the two of them are familiar with one another.

In spite of the fact that Gordon Ryan has been dealing with a serious digestive disorder for a number of years, the problem has recently progressed to a far more severe state. The statement was made by Khamzat Chimaev, a Chechen-born Swede, in a video that was uploaded to YouTube and shared on his Facebook.

“I’m going to go after him. Ryan? Who are you looking for? Brother Gordon Ryan, to be specific. You have fallen ill. I pray that you will soon recover from your illness and that I will have the opportunity to meet you on the mats.
Watch the video that may be found here:

When ‘The King’ learned about Chimaev’s callout, he decided to give the rising UFC star a response by posting it on Instagram. Chimaev is now on an impressive win streak. In his callout of Chimaev, Ryan mentioned Mo Jassim, who is the main coordinator of the ADCC World Championships:

“2023 @adcc_official” Saturday night’s main event. I’ll make gold worth twice as much, but you can figure out the divisions and absolute value on your own. Perhaps the cheater Nicky could actually walk away with something! @mojassim80 make it happen, boss dude!!”
Check out the Story down below:

The following is a screenshot of Ryan’s Story in response to Khamzat Chimaev:
In answer to Khamzat Chimaev, here is a screenshot of Ryan’s Story.

Although Khamzat Chimaev only holds a purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu at the moment, his extensive experience in freestyle wrestling enables him to frequently dominate grappling exchanges in mixed martial arts competition.

Chimaev, on the other hand, would be facing a totally new task if he went up against someone of the caliber of Gordon Ryan, which is likely something he has never experienced before.

Gordon Ryan details his debilitating stomach condition

It has been several years that Gordon Ryan has struggled with a stomach ailment, and it appears that his condition has gotten worse. Recently, “The King” shared a series of images on his Instagram account that demonstrated how severely he has been impacted by the recent events.

The grappling phenom claims that he has a terrible stomach ailment as a result of a combination of persistent antibiotic use and an early misdiagnosis of his sickness. This has caused him to suffer from a number of health complications.

‘The King’ gave an interview on The Joe Rogan Experience a few months ago, during which he discussed the reasons behind his ongoing health issues:

In 2018, I suffered from recurrent staph infections, for which I was prescribed oral antibiotics. Unfortunately, the medication destroyed everything in my stomach. My small intestine had a significant fungus overgrowth, and my stomach had a significant bacterial imbalance… They made a diagnostic error and thought it was gastroparesis… As time went on, the fungal overgrowth gradually became worse and worse, which led to things getting progressively worse.

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