After the UFC star’s accusation was posted online, disturbing video of Bryce Mitchell destroying the glass door of his ex-girlfriend’s apartment surfaced. Mitchell is heard saying, “I’m afraid to leave.”

An old video showing Bryce Mitchell breaking his ex-girlfriend’s glass door has recently been shared on social media, just a few days after he accused her of possibly trying to hurt him and destroy his property. The video shows Mitchell smashing the door with his fist.

To provide some background, Mitchell went on social media a few days ago in order to make a request to the community in and around Searcy, Arkansas, to assist him in dealing with his ex-girlfriend, Kish Jones. “Thug Nasty” said that she had broken into his farmhouse, and he was concerned about the well-being of his wife while he was away training for his forthcoming battle.

Because Bryce Mitchell is scheduled to fight Dan Ige at UFC Vegas 79 on September 23, he will be required to spend time away from his house in order to be ready for the fight.

MMA journalist Amy Kaplan recently posted an old tape of Bryce Mitchell getting into a furious fight with the same ex-girlfriend for the custody of his dog. This is the most recent twist in the narrative, which has been going on for quite some time. In the footage, Mitchell is seen waiting outside the house for Kish Jones to return with the dog after he has gone inside.

While she is gone, the UFC featherweight smashes the glass on the front entrance by hammering on it repeatedly. After that, Jones is overheard stating:

You just shattered the glass in my drink. I have video documentation of everything you’ve accomplished so far. It scares me to go somewhere else.”

Bryce Mitchell begs his neighbors to help protect his home from ex-girlfriend

As was said earlier, Bryce Mitchell recently appealed to the community around him for assistance in protecting him from Kish Jones, who was formerly his girlfriend. The unpredictable UFC featherweight resorted to social media to accuse Jones of repeatedly invading his personal property and even claimed that she constituted a threat to his wife and their animals.

On Twitter, @mmamania shared again a video of Mitchell pleading his case. The video shows ‘Thug Nasty’ explaining the magnitude of the devastation already caused by Jones and pleading with the community to keep an eye out for his wife, Erin Handlow, while she is at home alone herself. In his words:

“So, I’m out of town for my fight, and my cowardly ex-girlfriend stopped by my house yesterday and trashed it. She uprooted every single one of my fruit trees… I have spent a lot of time and effort on those trees over the years, but she came by last night and cut them all down.”

Bryce Mitchell went on to say that:

“I’m making this post because this s**t is evil, and I’m begging the community of Searcy to help me… If you live in Searcy, please respond.” She is going to try to murder me now that my trees have been cut down, or she is going to try to kill the dogs, or she is going to try to kill Erin… I am going to need your assistance, Searcy. ” Could you?”

Expansion of a Tweet

The most recent defeat for Mitchell came against Ilia Topuria at UFC 282, where she was submitted in the second round. Prior to then, ‘Thug Nasty’ had an astounding winning streak of 15 consecutive fights.

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