After suffering a setback in Tokyo at the hands of Superlek, Takeru Segawa, a legendary figure in Japanese sports, exclaimed, “I felt so frustrated.”

It was supposed to be a dream ONE Championship debut for Takeru Segawa during the main event of ONE 165 on January 28 in front of his compatriots inside the jam-packed Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan. However, ONE flyweight kickboxing world champion Superlek Kiatmoo9 ruined it by giving him a loss by unanimous decision so that took away his dream.

The fact that he had previously won the K-1 world championship in three different divisions caused him to become extremely passionate and recently frustrated since he had a strong desire to win. Using an Instagram account, Takeru continues to express his dissatisfaction with himself over his performance.

After losing to Superlek and before leaving the ring, Takeru filmed a video of himself bowing in front of the Japanese hopefuls. The video was released on his Instagram account. It seemed as though ‘The Natural Born Crusher’ was expressing his regret through this action, as he captioned his post with the following: according to the English translation

I had the sensation that I had “given it all” up until yesterday night, yet when I got up today, I felt just as frustrated as I had before. I’ll get better as quickly as I possibly can.”

The Japanese fighter, who is 32 years old, performed admirably and gave his all against ‘The Kicking Machine,’ despite the fact that he was defeated. When he launched a flurry of combinations in the final minute of the third round, he even placed the defending world champion in serious trouble. This was one of the ways that he managed to get him into trouble. The Thai superstar, on the other hand, managed to prevail and walk away with the decision victory.

Despite the fact that Takeru had rigorous preparation previous to this battle, he even flew to California to hone his abilities at Boxing Works. This is one of the factors that contributes to Takeru’s displeasure. Additionally, he trained in Thailand with both the well-known trainer Trainer Gae and Superbon Singha Mawynn, who was a former world champion in the featherweight division of ONE Championship.

Takeru Segawa consoled by Japanese legend Masato Kobayashi after loss to Superlek

After Takeru had been defeated, he made his way to the backstage area, where he was greeted by Masato Kobayashi, a legendary figure in Japanese combat sports, who expressed his admiration for his courageous attempt. Masato expressed his pride in Takeru, stating that he was able to provide the home supporters with an interesting match while he was playing.

In addition, Takeru received injuries on his left leg and a muscle tear on his arm as a result of his fight for the world title against Superlek. The loss was not the only thing that he endured as a result of the fight. It was Superlek’s tremendous kicks that caused him to sustain the severe leg injury.

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