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After receiving a blow to the liver from Takeru, Superlek admits that he was rendered speechless and that his body “froze up.”


Over the course of the majority of his five-round fight against Takeru Segawa at ONE 165, Superlek Kiatmoo9, who holds the title of ONE flyweight kickboxing world champion, was in cruise control.

In the main event of ONE’s return to Tokyo, Japan, which took place on Sunday, January 28, these striking icons faced off against one another. A dramatic battle that would go down in history as an instant classic took place between them throughout the fifteen-minute skirmish that they engaged in.

Superlek had to guard against a couple of problematic junctures in the battle, none of which were more difficult than the third stanza, which was when “The Natural Born Crusher” reached his stride in an effort to turn things around. Despite the fact that Superlek emerged victorious in the fight by virtue of a unanimous decision, he had to overcome these challenges.

The three-time world champion in the sport of K-1, who had his lead leg amputated, suddenly sprang to life and used his kicking skills to force the Thai fighter onto the ropes at the beginning of the fight. Soon after, he confused his targets and hit his adversary with a clean swipe to the liver, which ‘The Kicking Machine’ confesses left him bewildered because he had not anticipated.

Superlek gave the following statement to Sportskeeda MMA on the incident:

“During the third round, I was hit with a left kick to the liver, and my body kind of went into a state of ice.” And then, as Takeru began to throw the hairy punches, it connected, and it connected in a really strong way. And I was making every effort to avoid falling.”
The complete interview may be viewed here:

During the championship rounds, Superlek kept his typical aggressiveness and worked behind his jab and lightning-quick kicks to get things going. This was despite the fact that he was the recipient of that seismic strike to the abdomen.

After everything was said and done, there was only one clear victor in this main event fight, and that was the Thai megastar, who is 28 years old. He extended his winning streak under the ONE banner to nine consecutive victories.

Superlek reminds Takeru that he is not here to make up the numbers

The Thai superstar was not pleased with Takeru’s attempt to minimize Superlek’s accomplishments, which he found to be offensive.

After stating that he wanted Rodtang after the fight against Superlek in the lead-up to ONE 165, which might be interpreted as a possible indication that he has already secured the victory against “The Kicking Machine,” the ONE flyweight kickboxing world champion was determined to demonstrate his point.

That is something that he just performed inside the Ariake Arena, and as he was speaking to Sportskeeda MMA in the same interview, he took advantage of the opportunity to remind the Japanese phenom of the reasons why he is currently the best striker on the entire planet.

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