After Logan Paul and the Misfits made a brazen call-out, Rey Mysterio of WWE delivered an appropriate response.

After recently defeating Dillon Danis in a crossover boxing battle at the MF & DAZN: X Series 10 – The Prime Card, Logan Paul has set his sights on wrestling superstar Rey Mysterio.

During the post-match interview that took place after Paul’s victory over Dillon Danis, which was decided by disqualification, Paul made his goals crystal plain. The competition took place over the course of six rounds, but unfortunately it was not able to live up to the expectations that were held by the enthusiastic audience.

As soon as the competition began, it was clear that Logan Paul was going to be the one to beat because he brought a level of ferocity and efficiency to the ring that no one else could match. Because he won each of the first five rounds by a commanding margin, Danis’ tactic of wearing down Paul was rendered ineffectual as a result of his performance. In the sixth round, as Danis was having trouble mounting any kind of serious attack, he resorted to an illegal attempt at a guillotine choke, which ultimately led to his being disqualified from the fight.

When Paul made his debut in the WWE two years ago, he started his journey into the world of WWE, which eventually led him to grace the magnificent stage of Wrestlemania. Through the signing of a new contract in April, he demonstrated his continued dedication to the organization. His ultimate objective at this point is to secure a championship battle, and he has his sights firmly set on the wrestling superstar Rey Mysterio, who is 48 years old.

During the interview that took place after the bout, Logan Paul expressed his ambition to achieve future success in the sport of wrestling and emphasized his desire to win the United States championship in particular. Paul made the following proclamation while directly addressing Rey Mysterio:

I want that title in the United States. Brother Rey Mysterio, I’ve already beaten you, and I’m coming for your United States Championship. Let’s get going!

Expand Tweet Mysterio has just posted his response to Logan Paul’s challenge on X, which reads as follows:

“Did @loganpaul just put the spotlight on me? I won’t keep you searching for me, homie. Every week on the SmackDown! Friday Nights!”

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