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After his TRX truck was found and returned to him after being stolen, Gordon Ryan says, “Don’t ever think you can f**k with me.” This declaration comes after the truck was found and returned to him.


Gordon Ryan has been reunited with the Ram TRX truck that was taken from his driveway a few days ago, and he has sent out a powerful message in response to the incident. The truck was stolen from his driveway the previous day.

The individual known as “The King” offered a prize of $5,000 to anyone who could supply him with either the truck itself or information that led to the discovery of his truck. In this point of the investigation, it is not obvious how the Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) practitioner was able to locate and secure the vehicle that had been taken.

In response to Ryan’s admission that someone had stolen his TRX vehicle, Craig Jones, a former teammate of Ryan’s who is now his adversary, cruelly ridiculed the American. Even going so far as to joke that he was the one responsible for the theft, Jones went to great lengths.

‘The King’ took to Instagram to share the following with his fans after he received his truck back in a reliable and secure manner:

A valuable lesson can be gleaned from this situation. The truth is that 2. I am surrounded by pals and eyes in every direction. Secondly, you should never, ever believe that you can f**k with me and get away with it. The complete post will be available very shortly.”

Gordon Ryan announces he will step away from BJJ competitions in 2024, bar one event

With the exception of one tournament, the Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) World Championships, Gordon Ryan has declared that he would not be competing until he has fully recovered from the health challenges he is now experiencing.

‘The King’ is currently a four-time champion of the ADCC title, which is without a doubt the most prestigious no-gi grappling event happening anywhere in the world.

For many years, Ryan has been plagued with stomach ailments that have rendered him unable to perform. In December 2023, he even canceled two matches that were set to take place because of his current health troubles.

The American athlete, who had previously experienced a brief retirement from the sport a number of years ago, will now be taking yet another step back from competition in order to concentrate on regaining full health.

The following message was posted on his Instagram account, and he wrote it as follows:

I spent three to four hours a day belching and dry heaving in the bathroom, and I was bedridden for weeks without eating. My stomach was full of bile, and I was unable to eat. While I am living that, I have now accepted and made peace with the fact that my body is unable to sustain the level of pressure that I put it under until my stomach and immune system are completely better. It is simply not possible for my immune system to deal with the workload of camp after camp…. Even though this is a difficult situation, I will not compete at ADCC until my health is completely restored. If it is not, no one will ever be able to do what I have done, therefore I can be content with the fact that I have accomplished this.

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