After getting a cut on the eye during his confrontation with “El Jefe,” Logan Paul has made his decision on the Dillon Danis clash.

A severe cut that Logan Paul received after a confrontation with Dillon Danis at their face-off will not prevent him from fighting Dillon Danis this coming weekend, as Logan Paul recently stated.

On October 14, at the Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card event that will take place in Manchester, England, Paul will officially welcome Danis into the world of boxing. Their fight will serve as one of the headlining bouts for a special show that will also feature Tommy Fury versus KSI as the other main event.

At the XSeries10 pre-fight press conference, which took place before Logan Paul and Dillon Danis’ fight this weekend, they fielded questions from fans as well as reporters. Throughout the entire confrontation, the two men hurled insults back and forth at one another.

Paul hurled a water bottle at Danis as they went towards each other, and ‘El Jefe’ retaliated by hitting the WWE star in the head with a microphone. Paul’s action provoked a response from Danis.

Many people believed that ‘The Maverick’ would be forced to withdraw from the battle because the confrontation caused Paul to bleed from the side of his face. On the other hand, Paul just recently stated unequivocally that he has no intention of canceling his attendance.

On X (formerly known as Twitter), Logan Paul announced his decision to engage in a fight with another user. He wrote the following, making the claim that the stakes had increased as a result of Danis’s actions:

“I have no chance of evading you, Dillon. The fight is definitely going to take place, and the stakes have just been raised.”

Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis: KSI shares an update on ‘The Maverick’ after press conference altercation

KSI recently gave an interview in which he discussed the highly anticipated boxing event that will take place in Manchester this coming weekend. In the interview, he also disclosed some new information on the battle between Logan Paul and him. The actor from SIDEMEN reiterated that his friend and fellow YouTuber was not gravely hurt, but he was pretty frustrated that he had been slashed in the face before going out.

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At their most recent pre-fight press conference, Paul and Danis got into a physical altercation before they ever had an opportunity to come face to face with one another, as was described earlier. Even though ‘The Maverick’ was left with bleeding from the side of his face, it seems as though the damage isn’t as severe as many people had originally believed it to be.

KSI stated in a subsequent interview with All Out Fighting that Logan Paul was fine and that the mic attack by Danis had merely caused a bump on the victim’s head. In his words:

“Logan is doing well. I made my way there to see him. He is in perfect health. He is prepared to engage in combat. On the contrary, he is rather enraged, and he cannot wait to get his hands on Dillon… It’s nothing more than a minor hiccup… “He’ll be all right,”

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It is interesting to note that former UFC star Mike Perry has expressed interest in stepping in as a replacement fighter in the event that either Paul or Danis choose to back out of their upcoming battle. On the other hand, it would appear that the services of ‘Platinum’ are not necessary at this moment.

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