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After finishing Ilya Freymanov with a heel hook, Thanh Le gives Ryan Hall credit for taking his ground game to the next level.


The submission ace Ryan Hall, who was in Thanh Le’s corner for the main event at ONE Fight Night 15, is responsible for the new and better ground game that the Vietnamese fighter has been working on.

Thanh Le is once again a global champion in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), just a little more than a year after losing the ONE featherweight MMA world title to Tang Kai. Thanh Le won the interim ONE featherweight MMA championship against Ilya Freymanov by submitting him with a heel hook after 62 seconds of competition.

Nobody anticipated that Le would be able to submit Freymanov, given his reputation for spectacular knockouts inside the Circle. And most definitely not anywhere close to the one-minute mark of the first round. Thanh Le provided some insight into his improved ground game when speaking at the press session that took place after the fight.

“I’ve got a ton of great coaches around me, but the spotlight is on obviously, 50/50 and my buddy Ryan Hall who’s here cornering me,” said Le. “I’ve got a ton of great coaches around me.” “A friend and coach, as well as all of that other stuff,” she said. However, it is the current stance. I mean, I get the impression that I’m starting to grow better and better in that position, and I’m extremely confident in those areas; after all, who better to learn it from than ‘The Man’ from it?
He continued:

“So all of you absolutely must look at his instructive. Get some money for him and he’ll appreciate you giving him that shout-out. However, I guarantee that you will pick up some useful information.

Thanh Le, who has just been awarded the interim featherweight title, will immediately start training for his long-awaited rematch with Tang Kai, who is the only guy to have ever defeated him while competing for ONE Championship. Last year, China’s first male mixed martial arts world champion defeated Le via unanimous decision. However, he has been injured since then and has not been able to defend the world championship, which led to the creation of an interim belt.

It is just a matter of time before Tang Kai and Thanh Le square off against one another in a major fight for the unification of the world title now that Tang Kai is finally prepared to compete again and Thanh Le is firmly established at the top of the list of contenders.

In North America, the replay of ONE Fight Night 15 may be viewed whenever you want, on demand, using Amazon Prime Video. This is convenient if you wanted to catch up on any of the action but didn’t get a chance to, or if you simply want to remember an unforgettable night in the history of ONE Championship.

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