After receiving criticism from a UFC star, UFC Champion Jon Jones defended trans MMA fighter Fallon Fox: Throwback

While transgender mixed martial artist Fallon Fox is no stranger to criticism from her peers, UFC icon Jon Jones once stood up for her when she was attacked during an interview by former UFC star Matt Mitrione.When Fox declared her transgender identity and participated in a professional MMA match in March 2013, she created history. She competed in MMA for the first time in May 2012 and has won five of her six matches.The media, numerous fighters, and fans who oppose male-to-female transgender fighters competing in women’s mixed martial arts have criticised “The Queen of Swords.” Despite criticism from the general public, UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones has openly stated his support for Fox and is not one of the critics.

‘Bones’ defended the trans fighter at a UFC 159 press conference in April 2013 following Matt Mitrione’s controversial appearance on The MMA Hour, in which he verbally insulted Fallon Fox. Jones explained to MMA Junkie:

“I believe that’s awful of him… Fallon Fox strikes me as a powerful individual. Because of everything they’ve been through and are willing to go through, I admire that person. Matt Mitrione is an example of a scumbag. He is a jerk. I couldn’t give a damn if he was released from his suspension or not. He is a ridiculous individual.He ought to keep his mouth shut. He is filth.

Republican presidential candidate accuses trans fighter Fallon Fox of committing “violence against women”

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy recently accused the trans fighter of engaging in gender-based violence against cisgender women, and as a result, Fallon Fox found herself the focus of his attacks.

Ramaswamy attacked the 47-year-old fighter in a series of tweets and claimed that she had engaged in “violence against women.” Even video of Fox’s fight with Ericka Newsome from the CFA 10 event in March 2013 was uploaded online by the GOP presidential nominee, who wrote:

A woman’s skull is fractured by a biological guy. This was once referred to as violence against women. We now refer to it as a transgender rights win. After that, pay attention to the “woman’s” voice. In our nation, the trans cult is a mental health plague that must end.

Ramasawamy’s tweet, however, was deceptive in character. Fallon Fox previously damaged an opponent’s skull during a battle in September 2014, but the fight in the video Ramaswamy shared was a completely different opponent, who did not sustain a skull fracture as a result.

Further using the problem of Fox competing against cisgender women, the GOP presidential candidate of Indian descent made certain promises. As he tweeted:

“As the next president of the United States, I will put an end to this madness: gender dysphoria is a mental health issue, and we must treat it as such. Contribute to making it happen.

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