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After being pursued for ten years and arrested for a crime he did not commit, a mixed martial arts fighter is now getting paid to fight a police officer.


Shem Rock, who hails from Liverpool and is currently 29 years old, has been seeking atonement against the British justice system for quite some time, and it appears that he is going to receive it. At the OKTAGON 48 in Manchester the following month, Shem Rock will fulfill his second mission by taking on Jaroslav Pokorny, a police officer from the Czech Republic.

In order to provide some background, Rock was falsely accused of committing a crime, which led to his spending ten years in Asia leading the life of a fugitive. Even though he maintained his innocence, he was wrongfully jailed for a significant amount of time after being arrested on allegations of aggravated burglary. Rock made the decision to flee for his life rather than place his faith in the judicial system in England when he was accidentally released from jail.

He took up mixed martial arts while he was on the run, and it was when he was training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu that he realized this was his true calling. After arriving back in England, he was arrested for a short period of time; however, a jury later acquitted him of burglary and violent assault charges, and he subsequently returned to the MMA scene.

Shem Rock was released from jail in less than two years and immediately signed a multi-fight deal with Oktagon. He is now scheduled to confront Jaroslav Pokorny, a Czech policeman, and he will be attempting to redeem himself for all of the executive judicial anguish he suffered for more than a decade.

MMA star Shem Rock expresses joy over being able to punch a policeman legally

Shem Rock, a prominent figure in English mixed martial arts, has recently spoken out about his desire to compete in bouts against law enforcement officials. The lightweight contender stated that he is looking forward to it and believes that he will be able to exact revenge on all of those young kids who have been victimized by the police force.

As was previously stated, Shem Rock is not a supporter of law enforcement or the court system. It should come as no surprise that the fugitive, now 29 years old, is seeking some form of retribution, given the almost-cinematic circumstances surrounding his time spent on the run for more than a decade.

The MMA star gave an interview to the Daily Mail in which he discussed his reasoning for agreeing to this clash and said the following:

The fact that they are exacerbating the situation by allowing me to strike a police officer in the face makes things one hundred times better. This is something I’m doing for more than just myself. I am doing this for every young man living on a council estate who has ever harbored ill will toward law enforcement. I am not going to be in trouble for punching a police officer in the face since I am getting paid to do it.

He continued by saying:

“Who in this room wouldn’t want to punch a police officer in the face right now?” I’d like you to answer that question for me. Without any kind of consequence? To be sure… They are aware that 18,000 people will be booing him during the performance. That is a proven fact. I literally cannot wait to get in there with him.

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