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After being released from house arrest, Andrew Tate projects a “zero percent” possibility of conviction.


Andrew Tate doesn’t think the accusations made against him in Romania will lead to a conviction.The Romanian officials detained ‘Top G’ and his brother Tristan Tate in December of last year on a number of charges, including rape and human trafficking.The Tate siblings were freed from the Romanian jail on Friday. After being released, “Top G” spoke to the media and expressed his gratitude to the judges for paying attention to his case and releasing him and his sibling.

Tate continued, “I don’t have anything against Romania; I just want the truth to come out.”

The 36-year-old asserts that he was not guilty of the allegations made against him and that a jury would not find him guilty.

“I appreciate the judges who heard us today for their attentiveness, listening to us, and releasing us… I simply believe in the truth, and I don’t harbour any grudges against Romania or anyone else. I firmly trust that justice will ultimately be carried out. There is absolutely no possibility that I will be found guilty of anything, declared Andrew Tate.The Tate brothers are currently under house arrest, as per a judicial order. They are unable to get in touch with any of the case’s witnesses. The two would need to seek permission from the officials in advance if they wanted to leave.

Andrew Tate has a message for his critics

In a tweet, Andrew Tate retaliated against his critics. According to “Top G,” those who were accusing him of different crimes were motivated by hatred. The former kickboxing champion further asserted that he was “cleaner” than most individuals one encounters in a mall.”Investigated and tracked globally for more than a year. Try this on any “normal” guy and observe the results. Zero sexual perversions or other immoralities, no accusations. My critics are too filled with hatred to recognise that I am cleaner than 99.9% of the individuals you pass in a mall.Tate has experienced criticism for his divisive remarks about women on numerous occasions. However, ‘Top G’ has admirers who see him as a spokesperson forliberties for men.

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