After a bigoted outburst, Sean Strickland responds in an unusual way to Jeff Molina’s alleged homosexuality.

The final statement made by Sean Strickland in response to the current Jeff Molina allegations was rather out of character for the middleweight contender.
Having a gay son, according to Strickland, would be a sign that he has “failed as a man.” The 32-year-old, however, gave a respectable answer to allegations that a video about “El Jefe” had been leaked. Molina, who has previously been under fire for wearing PRIDE-themed UFC shorts, was supposedly caught on camera doing an Inappropriate act. In response to a supporter’s remark regarding the UFC flyweight, Strickland tweeted in a since-deleted message:

“This sounds like more Twitter f*y bs to me. Yet in all honesty, even if that were true, it is none of my business how someone chooses to live. Yet, it sounds just like Twitter f.”

The aforementioned fan’s remarks regarding Molina, though, were in response to Strickland’s lengthy homophobic tirade. The UFC middleweight slugger outlined a number of behaviours and asked which one would be more “gay” in a very Strickland-like manner.

The resident of Southern California also tweeted about having his account hacked, but not entirely honest, and later deleted the entire message.

According to reports, Jeff Molina started getting DMs from men after standing out for the LGBTQ community.

Due to a betting incident involving coach James Krause, Jeff Molina is temporarily prohibited from fighting in UFC events. When Molina last entered the octagon to face Zhalhas Zhumagulov in October 2022, he was wearing shorts with the PRIDE logo on them and had his hands raised.

El Jefe received a lot of criticism before the bout from the mostly homophobic MMA world for his choice to represent the LGBTQ community. Molina claimed to have intrigued some men in addition to the hatred but stated that he was heterosexual. “To all the males slipping in my DM’s I’m a straight guy but pshhh I’m flattered,” the 25-year-old wrote. For all the homophobic men offended by my wearing pride month gear during fights, here are some fruit cups for you. Jeff Molina now has a pro record of 11-2 and has a perfect 3 UFC record.

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