After suffering a defeat at UFC 288, Henry Cejudo is shown here being assisted by Dana White in taking off his gloves.

Henry Cejudo competed in the main event of UFC 288 Friday night, marking his first bout inside the octagon in three years. In a fight that ultimately came down to the wire, Cejudo challenged Aljamain Sterling for the bantamweight championship.The two competitors exchanged blows at an amazing rate, and the match was ultimately decided by a split decision, with Sterling emerging victorious. The attempt by ‘Triple C’ to make history was unsuccessful, and he experienced defeat for the first time since 2016 as a result.After the fight, footage has surfaced showing Dana White, the president of the UFC, assisting Henry Cejudo in removing his gloves. @MMAFighting shared a video of the incident on their Twitter page, which can be seen below:

At the UFC 288 weigh-in, Dana White assists Henry Cejudo with removing his gloves.There was talk that Henry Cejudo was going to announce his retirement after he took off his gloves, which is something that a lot of fighters do when they decide to end their careers.Instead, “Triple C” elaborated on the conflicting feelings he had regarding the direction his career was going to take moving forward. Cejudo gave the impression of being torn between two opinions as he spoke with Joe Rogan inside the octagon and said:

“I’m sorry, Joe, but I just don’t know what the next step should be. Regarding whether or not I should continue at this point, I must admit that I am a little perplexed. It’s the same deal as with Ricky Bobby: if I’m not first, I’m last. And if I can’t get the victory against Sterling, then I simply don’t know where that takes me. My aim was to move up to 145 pounds, but if I can’t get the victory over Sterling, then my goal is out the window.

Henry Cejudo comments on whether ring rust affected him at UFC 288

In the main event of UFC 288, which took place on Saturday, Aljamain Sterling was victorious over Henry Cejudo.

When ‘Triple C’ announced his retirement in 2020, he had the goal of not only regaining the title he had previously held but also writing his name into the annals of UFC history. Cejudo gave the bantamweight champion everything he could handle throughout the whole battle, which was a highly competitive and exciting bout.

Henry Cejudo addressed the assembled members of the press during the post-battle press conference that immediately followed the match. Someone questioned ‘Triple C’ if he thought the three-year break had an effect on how well he performed inside the Octagon. In response, he said:

“Sometimes you make your own bed, and when that happens, that’s what you get. I have to go back and think about what it is that I really want to do because I’m not simply out here to fight for the sake of fighting; rather, I’m on a mission to achieve greatness.

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