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According to Jorge Masvidal, an ex-UFC star, “The BMF is a dead end road” and he is “never going to” make a comeback to the competition.


Jorge Masvidal made the announcement that he will be retiring in April of this year. It has been reported by a former fighter that he will not be returning to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the near future.

The battle between ‘Gamebred’ and Gilbert Burns took place in his hometown at UFC 287. Unfortunately for the native of Miami, he was unable to win the game according to the scorecards. After that, he decided to declare his retirement. Now, however, he has dropped a clue that he might be coming back.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter explained the reasons why Masvidal will never return to the company in the most recent episode of Beyond the Fight, which was hosted by Chael Sonnen.

In the event that it does not have any relevance, Jorge will not be able to compete in the octagon. Despite the fact that Jorge and Gaethje would be engaged in a fierce battle for the BMF, the BMF is a road that leads nowhere. There is no lineage associated with the BMF, the BMF has never been defended, and the BMF will not get you somewhere you want to go.
It was at UFC 244 that the ‘Baddest M*er’ belt was presented to the winner of the bout between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz. The BMF is the name of this belt.

At the conclusion of UFC 291, Justin Gaethje triumphed over Dustin Poirier to win the title and take possession of the belt. Sonnen is of the opinion that Masvidal’s return to the octagon is not a possibility, despite the fact that numerous rumors have circulated about his potential return.

Ben Askren reveals he would come out of retirement to face Jorge Masvidal

There is a great deal of animosity between Ben Askren and Jorge Masvidal, which ended in a brawl between the two of them in the octagon. It was one of the fastest knockouts in the history of the sport, and ever since then, Askren has never been the same. The bout resulted in one of the fastest knockouts.

A former Bellator champion declared that he would come out of retirement to fight ‘Gamebred’ during an episode of Funky & the Champ with Daniel Cormier. This statement was made in response to the news that ‘Gamebred’ would be returning to the octagon.

Listen up, I’m going to shake things up. Even if Dana were to contact me and say, “Ben, Jorge Masvidal, UFC 300,” I would not care because I would be out of retirement at that point. It doesn’t matter to me; I’ll fight him.
Askren then answered to Cormier’s question about whether or not the battle would be a mixed martial arts fight:

Yeah, I’m not very good at boxing. This is something that you people saw, and I’m not going to fight boxing. Are you stupid?
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The fight between Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren is scheduled to take place on the historic UFC 300 card, which is scheduled to take place in April. A fight in the octagon has not been seen by the former ONE champion since the year 2019.

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