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According to Demetrious Johnson, he has ‘not had the time’ to contemplate about retiring yet.


During the promotional events leading up to ONE Fight Night 10, Demetrious Johnson included an additional storyline in the trilogy fight he was having with Adriano Moraes.

DJ demonstrated that he is still among the greatest fighters to compete inside the Circle by successfully defending his ONE Flyweight World Championship in the headline event of ONE’s on-ground US debut event in Denver, Colorado. The event was held in Denver, Colorado.

“Mighty Mouse” wasn’t finished there, even though the fight itself was already a big enough deal on its own because of the stage it was taking place on and the two prior confrontations that had taken place between Johnson and Moraes.

In interviews leading up to the fight, he disclosed that after the bout, regardless of the outcome on fight night, he would have a discussion with his wife about whether or not he wanted to continue fighting. This conversation would take place behind closed doors.

He is well aware that there are alternative ways for him to make money without putting his health in jeopardy at this stage in his career, despite the fact that it is obvious to see that he is still one of the finest fighters on the planet, having produced a dominant unanimous decision win against Moraes in his most recent bout. Moraes was the opponent in his most recent bout.

Throughout his legendary career, he has avoided taking too much damage, but as he likes to say, “if you stay around at the party long enough, you’re eventually going to get drunk.” He has managed to avoid taking too much damage throughout his career.

After successfully defending his ONE Flyweight World Title, Demetrious Johnson made an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. During their conversation, Demetrious was asked to provide an update on his plans about his possible retirement. He merely replied by saying that he hasn’t gotten around to it yet, citing the fact that the activities of daily life have kept him occupied for the time being:

“No, I have not even had the time to consider it because I have been so busy.” That very much sums up where I am in this moment. For example, when I initially arrived at my house and pulled into the driveway, the first thing I saw was those goddamn weeds. I couldn’t believe it. ‘Oh I didn’t get them weeds out’.”
You can see the entire interview down below:

Fans in North America will be able to watch a free replay of Johnson’s performance in the main event of ONE Fight Night 10 and the whole card on Prime Video.

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