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According to Chael Sonnen, the middleweight category is the most entertaining weight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).


Chael Sonnen commented on some of the most interesting weight categories in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) not too long ago. He described the ways in which the middleweight class has the potential to surprise fans and become the most thrilling by the time the year finally comes to a close.

Due to the fact that “The American Gangster” competed at 185 pounds for the most of his mixed martial arts career, it is easy to comprehend why he has such a strong affinity for the category. In a video that he released to his YouTube account, he stated that it is vital for the fighters who are competing at 185 pounds to acknowledge the fact that they are, in essence, all business partners in a powerful division:

“Do they [middleweights] comprehend the fact that there are instances in which we are adversaries, but the most of the time, we are team members? Has it been brought to their attention that our department is a business?There are a lot of guys who are unaware of the fact that the rest of the people in my division are my team. From 3:48 to 4:18
The former challenger for the middleweight title in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) also mentioned that the fighters who are currently competing at 185 pounds, such as Robert Whittaker, Paulo Costa, Israel Adesanya, and Sean Strickland, as well as the potential bouts that can be booked this year, can make a compelling case for the 185-pound division being the most exciting division in the UFC.

Middleweight is the weight class that I believe has the potential to headline more events than any other weight class. In the end, I believe that middleweight can win 2024 because of the pay-per-view numbers that you are going to have and the live gates that you are going to have. I believe that middleweight as a team and as a division can win. From 4:27 to 4:46

It remains to be seen whether Sonnen is correct in his prediction that the middleweight category will be the most exciting in 2024. This is because the highly anticipated matches must first take place.

Chael Sonnen believes Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler hasn’t been signed

Recently, Chael Sonnen voiced his opinions over the long-awaited fight between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler, which is scheduled to take place on June 29th but has not yet been officially announced.

The announcement of McGregor’s comeback fight, which he made on social media, captured the attention of the media. He also disclosed that Chandler would be his opponent in the middleweight division. In his interview on the DC & RC show on ESPN, Sonnen expressed his uncertainty regarding the signing of the fight, stating that he is not certain that it has been secured.

“Everything that is done is done for a very specific reason, including the tease of the weight class, which is a way out,” the speaker said. I have the upper hand in terms of perception, and I am able to go on if we are unable to reach a consensus and you are the one who is hesitating. To put it simply, there is a lot going on here. This conflict and this agreement are not yet resolved. (From 10:26 to 10:41)

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