A former boxing world champion has made these allegations. UFC fighters are not trained in boxing techniques.

There was a time when Joe Rogan, a commentator for the UFC, made an appearance on national television to discuss the reasons why mixed martial arts (MMA) is more effective than boxing. This discussion is still going on to this day. Although the divide between boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) fans has shrunk in recent years, fans and members of the fight community continue to have strong opinions about mixed martial artists making the leap to pro boxing or vice versa.

George Groves, who won the WBA super-middleweight title in the past, was asked about the possibility of UFC fighters participating in professional boxing once their careers in MMA have come to an end. The British ex-professional boxer, who competed for a total of ten years between the years of 2008 and 2018, stated that UFC fighters are unable to box properly.

In an interview with Neue Online Casino, George Groves was asked about mixed martial arts fighters challenging boxers. Here is what he had to say in response:

“I mean, Froch calls out everything and everyone, and he’s game for anything,” the commentator said. Even at the ripe old age of 45, I do not believe that I would encourage somebody who was not already experienced in the sport of boxing to enter the ring with Carl Froch. They do not have a happy future ahead of them. My knowledge of the Nate Diaz fight is limited due to the fact that, if I’m being really honest, I don’t recall ever seeing him compete in a fight. Jake Paul was defeated by Tommy Fury, and I was not present for any of those fights; yet, Fury has spent his whole life in and around boxing.If they want to compete in the boxing ring with actual boxers, though, these mixed martial arts fighters are taking on more than they can chew, in my opinion. Froch takes care of his body and has a lot of fight left in him despite the fact that he is getting older. When it comes to the boxing ring, I would not recommend that any YouTubers or athletes from any other sport compete there. However, there is a distinct possibility that you may coax Froch out of retirement if you continue to pressure him. You could put one of them in the ring, then put the other one in the cage, and if the score is still tied after that, you could play chess to decide who wins!”

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Instagram When asked to answer to the statement that “99% of UFC fighters would eat Gervonte Davis’ bodyshot knockout of Ryan Garcia for breakfast,” Post ‘Saint George’ didn’t hold back any punches in his response. This is what Groves had to say:

“UFC fighters aren’t as skilled as boxers when it comes to delivering a body shot in the correct manner. They are not sitting in the appropriate position to deliver a body shot. They don’t have the timing down correctly. It’s probably because you have to watch out for getting kicked in the face or kneed in the face, which makes it an entirely new experience.

What about boxers fighting in the UFC and MMA?

There has not been a single male professional boxer who has been able to successfully crossover to the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). There are several notable names that come to mind, such as Art Jimmerson and James Toney, as well as Muhammad Ali (during his notorious fight with Antonio Inoki in 1976), but none of them were successful in competing in mixed martial arts.

On the other hand, Holly Holm is the only professional boxer to have successfully transitioned to mixed martial arts (MMA), even going so far as to win the UFC bantamweight title in the process. She did this by fighting in the UFC.

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Before making the transition to mixed martial arts, “The Preacher’s Daughter” had a distinguished career as a boxer, compiling a record of 33-2-1 and winning titles from the IBA, WBA, and WBAN. In her pro boxing career, Holm competed in 36 bouts and has a record of nine wins and two losses via knockout.

In 2011, Holly Holm began her career as a competitor in mixed martial arts, and she retired from boxing in 2013. In 2015, she became a member of the most prestigious mixed martial arts (MMA) organization while holding a perfect 10-0 record. After only four victories in her professional career, she won the UFC championship by knocking out Ronda Rousey, who appeared to be unbeatable at the time. However, she was defeated by Meisha Tate in her very next bout for the title, which took place at UFC 196.

The current overall mixed martial arts record of ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ is 15-6, while her promotional record is 8-6. Both of these records are respectable. At this time, she is scheduled to compete against Mayra Bueno Silva at UFC Fight Night 224, which will take place in July.

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