Photo: A UFC middleweight jokingly mentions Andrew Tate while hawking merchandise

Andrew Tate is unquestionably one of the most talked-about people in the world right now, whether you like him or hate him. Many people around the world have used his quick ascent to popularity and use of social media to propagate his right-wing and controversial views as a case study.Teenage male audiences from elementary school through college expressed a keen interest in Tate’s art. In order to gain more followers on social media, he broadcasts videos of himself discussing divisive topics as well as idealised portrayals of what it would be like to lead a successful and satisfying life.

Through outstanding advertising and lifestyle promotion, Andrew Tate was able to enter the mainstream. His name has been utilised in ads by numerous companies, most recently by UFC middleweight contender Kelvin Gastelum.

Before Andrew Tate’s match against Chris Curtis at UFC 287, Gastelum uploaded a fake image of Tate sporting his stuff. The post’s caption read:

“Breaking. The Tate Brothers demonstrating their support for my fight against @miamidadearena, which is scheduled for next week. Before the fight, today is the last day to order the KG Scarface Tee and get 10% off! #tatebrothers, #UFC287, #UFCMiami, and #305.

At UFC 287, Kelvin Gastelum will make his comeback from a two-year absence. He lost his most recent bout, which took place inside the octagon against Jared Cannonier, by unanimous decision.

It’s critical for the UFC middleweight contender to triumph against Chris Curtis because he has dropped five of his last six contests.

Andrew Tate update: ‘King Cobra’ discusses the “best” thing about being born a man

According to Andrew Tate, a successful life requires extolling male superiority and downplaying or eradicating the contributions of women. His writing frequently starts with the premise that men are expected to act aggressively and misogynistically.

Although Andrew Tate is certain to serve time in prison in Romania, he has left behind a poisonous legacy based on sexism and misogyny, which are now common beliefs among young males. Many believe that the impact of social media on young males who idolise someone like Andrew Tate is a brand-new issue that requires global solutions.

Tate recently discussed the importance of being born a male on Twitter. He stated:

“You’re born worth nothing and can CHOOSE what you want to be, which is the single finest thing about being a man. You create your own personality. Being wealthy, intelligent, wise, and brave are all options. You have the option of being a superhero. You have the option to change the world and make a mark.

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