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A prospective rematch between Fabricio Andrade and Kwon Won Il would be extremely popular in South Korea, according to Kwon Won Il, who stated that it would be lot more entertaining.


When Kwon Won Il, a knockout artist from South Korea, faced Brazilian boxer Fabricio Andrade for the first time in 2022, he was knocked out in the first round. This meant that he was unable to use his complete repertoire of techniques.

Nevertheless, he has sworn that he will not allow it to happen again in the event that they decide to fight each other again.

At ONE Fight Night 18 on Prime Video, which took place last week, “Pretty Boy” defeated Mongolian Shinechagtga Zoltsetseg via technical knockout (elbows) in the second round. This victory signified his third consecutive victory. The Lumpinee Boxing Stadium was the location of their featured mixed martial arts (MMA) bantamweight fight of the night.

Shinechagtga had a difficult time dealing with Kwon Won Il’s combination of hitting and wrestling, which he used to punish Shinechagtga. Kwon Won Il was the dominant fighter to emerge victorious in the competition.

During the press conference that took place after the bout, the Extreme Combat/P-Boy Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) standout, who is 28 years old, expressed that although he is pleased to have achieved another victory, he would like to have another fight with Andrade sometime in the future.

He emphasized that if they were to fight each other once more, it would be a contest that would be enjoyable, in contrast to the experience they had the previous time around, and it would be something that would sell well in South Korea. As Kwon noted:

“Therefore, the fight that I [could] have with Andrade will be noticeably more interesting, and I have a strong belief that the number of tickets that are sold will be significantly larger. In addition to that, it will also be able to be marketed in Korea.

Follow the link below to read what he had to say:

When Kwon Won Il first met Andrade in June 2022, the Brazilian fighter was not yet the ONE bantamweight MMA world champion at the time. In the first round, Andrade delivered a vicious body kick that ultimately resulted in Kwon being knocked out. His three-fight winning streak at that time came to an end as a result of the loss.

Those in North America who have a membership to Prime Video can watch the replay of Kwon’s most recent victory as well as other matches that took place at ONE Fight Night 18 on demand.

Fabricio Andrade open to fighting Kwon Won Il a second time

Fabricio Andrade, the current holder of the ONE bantamweight MMA world championship, is open to the idea of competing against Kwon Won Il, a fighter from South Korea, once more. He views Kwon Won Il as a worthy opponent for him to face in his capacity as the current champion.

After learning that ‘Pretty Boy,’ whom he knocked out in their first showdown in June 2022, is interested in having a rematch with him, ‘Wonder Boy’ disclosed this information in a recent interview with ONE. ‘Wonder Boy’ was pleased to learn this information.

In addition, Andrade stated that he is interested in a rematch with Kwon, given that he prevailed in his most recent fight, which took place on January 12 at ONE Fight Night 18.

“I believe that if Kwon wins, he has the potential to become the next competitor. And a battle against him would be a fantastic opportunity. I’ve confronted him in the past, and he’s the kind of man who encourages conflicts quite a bit. Due to the fact that he is a fighter who attracts attention and raises the expectations of his fans by the manner in which he promotes his fights, I believe that it would be a satisfactory match for me.

It is true that Kwon Won Il was victorious at ONE Fight Night 18, defeating Mongolian Shinechagtga Zoltsetseg by technical knockout in the second round (with elbows). This victory solidified Kwon Won Il’s position as a contender for the belt that Andrade now holds.

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