A heated argument between boxing star Bernard Hopkins and Devin Haney’s father almost leads to a fight between the two involved.

It would appear that Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia’s unsuccessful attempt to reach a compromise over a fight resulted in a furious confrontation between his father, Bill, and Bernard Hopkins, who is also a co-promoter of Garcia’s work.

A partner of Golden Boy Promotions alongside Oscar De La Hoya, Hopkins is also a former undisputed middleweight world champion. Golden Boy Promotions is affiliated with Hopkins. In the meantime, Bill Haney is currently managing his son’s professional career.

On the occasion of the fight that took place between Vergil Ortiz Jr. and Fredrick Lawson yesterday night, both Hopkins and Haney were present, and they were caught on camera engaging in a furious confrontation with one another.

When Haney was in the middle of an interview with Fight Hub TV, Hopkins interrupted him and stated the following before continuing his interview:

It’s time for us to use the restroom. I plan to have a conversation with you in the restroom. In all seriousness, no. This is men’s chat, and I’m the guy who talks in the restroom.
The following is what Haney stated after that:

“I am not sure if he has been incarcerated for an excessive amount of time! However, we are able to go down where we are angry.
Observe the footage that begins at 0:35 below:

Later on, after Bernard Hopkins shoved Bill Haney, the two were caught on camera getting dangerously close to coming to blows with each other. However, they were quickly separated from each other.

Ryan Garcia eyes a new opponent in Rolly Romero as he backs out of potential Devin Haney clash

After Devin Haney’s victory over Regis Prograis in December, which resulted in his becoming the new WBC super lightweight world champion, fellow star Ryan Garcia criticized him for his performance.

However, according to Eddie Hearn, Haney’s promoter, discussions had begun to plan a bout between the two fighters. “The Dream” expressed their approval of the confrontation. On the other hand, in a turn of events that came as a complete surprise, ‘KingRy’ took to X yesterday to announce that he was no longer interested in a fight with Devin Haney.

Garcia, on the other hand, had his sights set on competing against Rolando Romero in the squared circle.

Romero is currently the champion of the heavyweight division of the WBA. Ismael Barroso, on the other hand, will be awarded a required rematch against ‘Rolly’ as a result of his unexpected victory over Ohara Davis last night.

In order to spread the word about his new ambitions, Ryan Garcia posted the following on X:

“I have informed my colleagues that I will be embarking on a different path. My current plan is to engage in combat with Rolando Romero. I pray that my team will support me in making this choice. It was Oscar who brought about this conflict. THAT IS THE SETTING. Larger battles bring in larger profits.

He went on to say:

Because of what happened to Rollies, the conflict between [Devin Haney] will be there, and it will be even more significant. At this moment, everyone is providing feedback. In the end, will realize that it was the superior choice. In addition to that, he can go fight Richardson Hitchens. You should go and make your 30,000 PPV purchases. “Dev, I don’t need you; you need me,” I once said.

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