A former sponsor describes what the’real’ Andrew Tate is like to interact with behind the scenes.

The previous sponsor of Andrew Tate has spoken up about what it was like working on ‘Cobra’ behind the scenes.

Tate has risen to prominence over the course of the last few years, and he is now considered to be among the most famous men in the world. Tate’s previous sponsor and the founder of Sidekick Boxing, Daniel Knight, seems to feel that the influencer has done this on purpose in order to become more popular, despite the fact that he appears to have an egotistical and boastful demeanor.

During a recent interview with Sporf, Knight stated the following:

“If you look at him over the years, I mean he seemed fairly sort of cocky and arrogant, but behind the scenes to me he was a really nice guy,” she said. “If you look at him over the years. He makes you laugh, he’s easygoing, and, as far as I can tell, he’s not the combative type. [10:30]
He added:

“I believe that he has fabricated the attitude that he has put online in order to generate that shock factor. You probably already know this, but he’s been struggling with depression and other issues for a while now, right? I believe that he reveals many distinct facets of his personality to us.

Why did Andrew Tate leave kickboxing?

After attaining a high level of success in kickboxing, Andrew Tate made the decision to walk away from the sport and begin looking into other professional opportunities. Daniel Knight has presented an alternative viewpoint, in contrast to that of Tate, who has been very outspoken about how the persistent injury to his eye lead to this decision.

According to the person who established Sidekick Boxing, Andrew Tate was anxious to become wealthy, but his kickboxing career did not allow him to earn as much as he had imagined it would, despite the fact that he won four world championships in the sport.

Knight made these comments throughout the course of the same conversation with Sporf:

I think that Tate wants to be the best in anything he does, and that includes his kickboxing career. You know what I mean? And I believe that when he reached that level in kickboxing, he came to the conclusion that the money wasn’t going to arrive, you know what I mean? When you’ve won the world championship but are still struggling financially, I believe he felt the need to investigate other potential revenue streams. I believe he was aware that becoming famous was most assuredly one of the ways to accomplish that. [4:12]

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