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A fight between Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua is not yet a foregone conclusion, according to Eddie Hearn, who cites the fright that Tyson Fury caused against Francis Ngannou as one example.


The fight between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury, which took place in October, came dangerously close to being the most shocking result in the annals of competitive sports.

It was against the heavyweight that is widely considered to be the finest on the world that he made his debut in the professional boxing circuit. He handed the WBC champion what he termed as “his toughest fight in ten years to date.”

Oleksandr Usyk was supposed to be the opponent of “The Gypsy King” in a megafight that was planned to take place on December 23rd. The fight was even confirmed during the buildup to the fight between Fury and Ngannou.

The fight for the undisputed heavyweight title between Tyson Fury and Usyk was postponed to February after Fury’s victory over Francis Ngannou, which was decided by a narrow two-point margin.

Eddie Hearn, Joshua’s promoter, has put an end to rumors that the bout is already set up. This comes after it was rumored that Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder had reached an agreement to face each other in 2024 as part of a two-fight pact.

On the Day of Reckoning card that will take place in Saudi Arabia this weekend, ‘AJ’ and Wilder will compete against Otto Wallin and Joseph Parker, respectively. Joshua and Wilder are not guaranteed to emerge victorious regardless of the circumstances.

In the course of a recent interview with Seconds Out, Hearn was questioned about the obstacles that had to be overcome in order to reach an agreement on Joshua versus Wilder. It was him who said:

It is imperative that contracts be signed and carried out, number one. Two, they both have to come out on top. Number three, they must prevail without suffering any harm or injury. Which is challenging in the context of the heavyweight scenario. The reason I’m not going into too much detail about it is because, like we saw with Fury and Usyk, the fight was meant to take place on December 23rd. After Fury was knocked down and came dangerously close to being defeated, the fight is not scheduled to take place on December 23rd.

Eddie Hearn explains why Francis Ngannou won’t win a boxing world title

A slot in the top 10 heavyweight boxing rankings of the World Boxing Council (WBC) was awarded to Francis Ngannou as a result of his outstanding performance against Tyson Fury.

As a result of his ranking, there have been speculations over whether or not he has the potential to win a boxing world title; however, Eddie Hearn has dismissed the possibility.

Very few people anticipated that “The Predator” would present Fury with a challenging test, let alone knock out the WBC champion with a left hook. This was due to the fact that he lacked experience. Hearn is of the opinion that Francis Ngannou’s lack of experience will prove to be his primary detriment in the field of sweet science.

Recently, Hearn was interviewed by Seconds Out, and he stated the following:

“When you ask, ‘Is he going to be a force in the heavyweight division?’ Francis Ngannou is capable of being defeated by each and every one of the top 100 fighters in the world. In all honesty, the only thing that is really on his mind is the rematch with Fury, or fighting Joshua or Wilder. due to the fact that he may lose to anyone. In addition, he is not going to put it at risk for five or ten million dollars.

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